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Can Pacifica Radio Live Up to Its Promise?


Can Pacifica Radio Live Up to Its Promise?

Sam Husseini

In an age when "progressives" seem segmented at times, each faction focusing on specific issue areas; and at a time when the power of media seems central, the promise of the Pacifica network could be of enormous importance.


Sam you kind of danced around here >>> "What needs to be scrutinized is the collusion of incumbent programmers, many of whom were put in place by the previous utterly corrupt management, with the current management that seems resistant to change -- and stays in place largely because of support from incumbent programmers. Some local board members seem to be joining such cliques; others seem reluctant to assert their power to reform the network."

This same situation exists at other Pacifica stations. Moreover there is a distinct attempt to de-democratize the station as you mention but it is far worse than that. My Pacifica station has undergone a coup where a certain group with the help of a wealthy programmer have decided to take over the station and make it a local station rather than an international forum.

You stress the news but Pacifica's old guard want only certain types of news and while they pretend to a multicultural/ multi ethnic commonality, they are proceeding to make it non inclusive except for specific ethnic and cultural coalitions. International news and other issues are covered by only one or two programs while alternative health news network type programs are far more prominent and have multiple slots. So I ask.. where is the news?

Whenever the station needs money and it seems it always needs money (staff salaries and so forth are unknown) it is in fact because it doesn't do such a great job with the news anymore. We are lucky to get a few headlines if that. Democracy Now and a few other programs still give Pacifica serious creds but what if Democracy Now left Pacifica? Where are the in depth serious news that people of all ethnicities and classes supported over the years? Where is the rainbow, the multiplicity of races and classes, the diverse range of views, the Pacifica News learning experience of old instead of the promotional experience - the healing power of blueberries notwithstanding?

Progressives will always support serious news and informative political broadcasting to challenge the dominance of the AM radio ilk but where is it anymore? So much happens in the world yet on my Pacifica station we hear about the benefits of eating raw vegetables and alternative health shows that are subjective not objective (i am being kind about this description) or interviews with obscure authors about fringe conspiracies and/or small local only groups around the city.

If Pacifica can't break the stranglehold of those who have wanted to make Pacifica a local (and mostly an ethnic station) then another major voice for change will be lost to this country.