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Can Palestinians Be Killed? Can Israelis Kill Them? Or Do They Only “Die”?


Can Palestinians Be Killed? Can Israelis Kill Them? Or Do They Only “Die”?

Juan Cole

Social media is being scathing about the diction chosen by the New York Times, CNN and even the Guardian to speak of the some 55 peacefully protesting Palestinians whom Israeli snipers cold-bloodedly shot dead on Monday and the some 2700 whom they wounded, half of those with live fire. The headlines or lead paragraphs spoke of Palestinians “dying,” as though they had mysteriously and unexpectedly contracted the unusual disease of bullet penetration.


Great thanks to Professor Cole for his truth. When our own politicians and elected officials rush to support and defend Israeli war crimes and atrocities, it is left to others to speak-out against Israeli racism and terrorism!

The Palestinian people are not considered “dinosaurs” by Israeli IDF forces and “settlers”, but vermin, to be shot, killed and maimed, displaced and cleansed to make room for Jews only without a thought, and THAT is racist genocide and crimes against humanity!

The atrocities and war crimes we are witnessing in Palestine will be swept under the rug of Israeli right-wing subversion of America as they have been for decades! Our media has been subverted to the Israeli narrative at the expense of truth and justice. Our Congress, WH and politicians also have been manipulated to support the indefensible to our great everlasting shame! Politicians have been subverted/coerced by political power to support such atrocities or face political opposition from agents for a foreign power - the subversion is an attack on our sovereignty and to accept or succumb or tolerate that attack and subversion is treason. Our politicians stumble over themselves to laud the Israeli entity but remain silent and complicit to the Israeli genocide, illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, and war crimes.

We have become “occupied” as sure as Palestine is occupied, lost our sovereignty to a foreign power’s agenda! Israeli propaganda, political coercion, media and electoral manipulation, and AIPAC, have been a pre-meditated agenda to subvert US foreign policy for decades to serve Israel - and now the trump regime slavishly, treasonously, does Israeli bidding in Palestine and re: Iran.



In truth we are no better then they are. Our communities of color have been turned into police states, where people live in a perpetual fear of imprisonment or worse. Really then entire system needs to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch.


I’m so glad the correct language “Israeli concentration camp” is used here.


Our politicians are bought, blackmailed, or both, by a foreign entity, making these politicians traitors to the American people at every step of the way. Entire government should be impeached, as it’s become a total lie.


What an outstanding piece of writing this is! It is a much-need history lesson that, alas, most of our citizens should read but won’t. It also puts the whole Palestinian situation into a very different perspective than does our blatantly one-sided media ever will.

Words matter! A killing by a far-away sniper is most definitely not a “clash”. Up is down, in is out, war is peace. Most of what we are taught is the opposite of the truth, or at the very least,
a very one-sided and distorted truth.


Just one of the incisive insights Cole shares in this outstanding overview. Does anyone else have the impression Cole is getting radicalized? I seem to remember finding him somewhat tame in the past. Now he’s sounding like Edward Said.


What Cole said in this article is right on. But…

Cole is a tool of the establishment American Imperial Project. Every so often he presents an analysis of the Middle East that is rational and progressive. But make no mistake why he does this. It is to rally the Left to trust him as one of their own so later he can sheepdog them into supporting another war (Lybia) or another Neo-Con candidate (Clinton) or believing another false flag (Douma).

Cole is to foreign policy what Reich is to domestic economics. Don’t get fooled by occasional rhetoric that sounds good when they’re stealing ideas or analysis from Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, Robert Parry, Paul Street, Ray McGovern, or Thomas Frank. Sooner or later they’ll attempt to use that good will they’ve made imitating these true leftists or anti-war/anti-security state types to try and herd the left into their corral to serve the American Imperial Project, Wall Street, the Security State, and the Undemocratic Party.


Subjugating a people and taking their land is not easy. But Jews need to have a State for Jews, and these Palestinians are anti-Semitic, so naturally there’s a problem. If these non-Jewish Palestinians would just be reasonable, move out and allow Jews to live in peace and tranquility, there would be no problem. A couple of thousand years ago, Jewish people lived there so any Jew should be able to take any Palestinian’s land (and home to be demolished), that’s only fair. How would you like it if you had people of the same ethnicity or religion as yourself live in California a couple of thousand years ago, and you couldn’t take a local residents land and home for yourself?


You’re making it easy for even me to understand! Thanks.


There was a clash at Stoneman Douglas High School and 17 students died.

Can you imagine reading that in a paper wherein the journalist decribes what happened in Parkland ,yet they get away with this all the time when it comes to Israel mudering Palestinians and are blatantly obvious when they are doing it.


Israel is a tiny country, the sole Jewish nation, and Jews are indigenous to that bit of land. The rest of the Mideast consists of oil-rich Arab states, some of which seek a 100% pure Moslem Mideast. Many Arabs live and work in peace in Israel. All live within easy traveling distance of an Arab border, and are free to leave if they wish. Those called “Palestinians” are Arabs who are recruited to work toward the destruction of Jewish nation.

Some might have forgotten that the US response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 was to launch the longest war in US history, killing unknown numbers of Arabs. However, we do know that the number FAR exceeds those killed by Israel in retaliation for terrorist attacks on their country. Americans appear to be the only people on Earth who are simply unaware of our stunning hypocrisy.


Only one thing, unless the palestinians hate themselves, they can’t really be anti-semitic. They are the same semitic ethnicity as jews from that region are. Their religion is at odds since they don’t follow Abraham. Except, oops, they do follow Abraham.
And I thing the only removal procedure for the palestinians is to die as soon as possible. Alive, anywhere they go, is a reminder that they existed. Easier to deny their existence if they are gone completely.
Better not give the Natives the idea of retaking their homeland, though they still have many centuries to go yet.


There are some things you left out.
1st the palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are indigenous to the region. They are the dispossessed by the Israelis. They are not hired to live there. No one would accept that job to live under the conditions imposed by Israel upon them.
2nd Many jews moved there, they aren’t all indigenous. The ones who lived there did so peacfefully for thousands of years. The immigrants went there because the US and Europe didn’t want them living in our countries. So we took land from others (Stole) and gave it to the immigrants. The people who had their land stolen objected. Unfortunately the only people they had to take out their anger and try to get their land back was the jews the rest of the world sent there.
3rd Israel has earned that hate from some by also calling for the destruction of certain muslims states, the most notable is Iran (Persian, not Arabic). Israel has also worked towards the destruction of that country. Neither country is innocent in this.
3rd The US has caused far more death in the region than Israel which has created more terrorists determined to kill us. Our methods are even more broad than the Israelis with the use of drones, hellfire missiles and other forms of massive and often painful death.
4th It is hypocrisy for those who support US policy to call Israel on their policy. However, I have never supported what we have done on this ‘war against terror’ that we wage eternally. Unfortunately my country doesn’t listen to those who object to the mass murder we commit in the name of ‘peace’. If they did, we wouldn’t be conducting a war.
5th Most of the problems of Israel are caused by a few who control the government. Unfortunately those who desire peace are not in power. Same in the US, the few control the power.


Wrong from the start. Both recorded history and an abundance of archeological evidence have long established the fact that, yes, Jews are indigenous to that region. I understand that anti-Jewish ideology is currently trendy and liberals, among others, but I urge people to take the time to learn about the history and people of the Mideast.


Depends if you are using the bible which they use. According to them, god gave them the land, which they took from others.
Historically they were a tribe of palestinians that decided to worship a different god. And fought the other palestinians for the right to rule. And I also said there were jews living in the region. They just decided not to claim that the land was theirs only. Which is why they lived there peacefully. But those other palestinians still lived there in that land. They even resided in jerusalem. That is why both are semitic people, basically related to each other.
I am not anti-jewish nor any of my friends. It’s called history, the truth of what happens. If I was anti-jewish, I would be blaming all jews, not just a minority. I study history and know it quite well.
And until the european jews arrived, there was peace between the two people in that region. Like the christians in the US claiming the land to be theirs, those jews claimed Jerusalem as their own.
When you come into a land claiming it’s your, whether by religion or other reasons, the people living there tend to get a mite upset that you intend to take the land away from them. History shows that people tend to fight back against the people now claiming the land. If those jews had just come there to live and just settled in, most likely it never would have been such a problem. But the new jews didn’t even try to make nice with the jews already living there. They kept themselves apart.
The US tried to just declare the land was theirs with the Natives, didn’t work for them either. Claims of land being yours just because at some point way in the past and according to your religion are not going to be seen as legitimate claims of ownership.
And if Europe and the US weren’t trying so hard to get rid of the jews in their countries, the jews might have been more willing to stay there. Those powers contributed to the problems in the ME with their insistence there was no place for jews in their countries. And considering the US has more jews that Israel, it was a policy that didn’t work at all. Except for the evangelicals who want an Israel so the end times come and the jews either die or convert. They are the ones who really want to get rid of the jews and just about everyone else.
I would just like Israel to offer a real homeland to the palestinians instead of stealing more and more of their land. Because until they stop stealing and really deal, they are not going to have peace. Peace doesn’t come from the end of a gun, you just create more people fighting you. You have two million prisoners in the biggest prison in the world. Sooner or later no fence or amount of deaths will stop them. Israel will have to decide, commit genocide or peace. I doubt that if they choose the former, that there will be many in the world supporting them. Maybe the US will decide it is enough then. And maybe even the Israelis will decide they can’t.
American jews don’t support Israel’s tactics by 75%. Are they also anti-jewish? Disagreeing with someone’s tactics doesn’t mean you hate them. And neither is being truthful about history.