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Can Pompeo Redefine Human Rights for the Trump Era?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/12/can-pompeo-redefine-human-rights-trump-era

So—it sounds like Mr. Pompeo is getting ready to diss the Constitution and maybe most of humanity! : 0
There were some people like used -to -be- Scalia , and Thomas is currently on the court and these 2 believed that we all have to look at the originating words and toss out interpretations that aren’t " original." So----if that is what the Founders meant, how can those two have even been on the Court as black people had fewer rights and Italians were not treated so well either—Will the next REAL ( in their minds) have to be white males and property owners------or will they make it even more feudal and make only white men into lords and the rest of us into serfs with only property owning males with the ability to vote?
Will every other religion be less than with Christianity and that will be ruling this nation?Are they trying to switch all laws of fairness to be meshed into just the 10 Commandments? LOL, well Trumps already in trouble with adultery! Pompeo, and Bolton with false witness… and I guess that this God does want everyone to be worshiping just him------ so what happens to the Christian Jesus?

I don’t think that this will work so well, what the false witness going on and the all that coveting too. LOL, America already covers every nation’s natural resources anyway- no stealing----- LOL, well with America and Israel break these all the time----oh wait —so maybe it’s all moot ------and the CIA will end up offing them all because, the CIA seems to run things anyway-----maybe Pompeo and Trump don’t know that. This should be interesting! : 0

BUNCH OF CLOWNS! The American revolution was all about INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-----and INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM isn’t about guns -------and something understood generations ago the COMMONS------EACH PERSON HAS A RIGHT TO CLEAN AIR, CLEAN WATER, LAND, AND NATUAL RESOURCES. US foreign policy should be based on INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM--------And if the US actually supported INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM there is no way we could be supporting a country like Saudi Arabia???

And with these photos of the plantation owners Pence and Graham standing next to the current batch of slaves in cages------the WORLD needs to call out the people of the US for all their hate and violence they inflict on the world.

George Carlin said it best. We don’t have rights, we have privileges, and every year those privileges get slowly taken away.

This will happen no matter what party sits in the White House.

The ruling party of the US believes corporate persons are more deserving of rights than actual persons, and our country is more and more a reflection of that.