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Can Robert Mueller Really Hold Trump Accountable?


Can Robert Mueller Really Hold Trump Accountable?

George Zornick

One of the biggest stars of Thursday’s blockbuster Senate Intelligence Committee hearing was a man who wasn’t there: Robert Mueller, a former FBI director who is now serving as special counsel overseeing investigations into the Trump campaign’s potential dealings with Russian officials.

"Comey made it clear, without using the words 'obstruction of justice,' that he personally believes it occurred."


Well this was f'n depressing! I used to think that we had a country but I am not all that sure anymore.

If this investigation goes nowhere then I think most politicians in Wash. will see the writing on the wall and join up with the trend of seeing the writing in their bank accounts instead! This is such a taint on the Presidency that if Trump gets away with it, our political institutions will not survive it except in name. No Trump isn't Hitler or Mussolini but yes...it could happen here mainly because Trump and Minions wouldn't be doing it alone. Our politians are already too corrupt and they know it. They would see Trump escaping justice and would then want to guarantee the same for themselves. They would support the Corporate Coup without reservation... becoming part of what is fast becoming a permanent (no term limits) governing class.

Maybe Mueller will truly investigate the machinations of this con artist and plunderer? Maybe Mueller will defend our institutions and even possibly defend America against possible treason? Maybe!

Yeah and then again ...maybe it could happen here!


Sharpen your pitchforks. We might need them.


Just to note, on moments of political accountability, this was a nice one:

I hope this makes the rounds.


Lordy, I hope so!


Baseball bats okay?

How about Samurai swords? They're plenty sharp.


IMHO, it's quite likely that Mueller* is already investigating Kushner – if not Tweetle-Dumb himself – since that's where his investigations of Flynn, Manafort and Sessions will lead him. Whether or not the RePooplicans in the House will fulfill their oaths of office and stand up for their country instead of the Plunderer in Chief is another story entirely.

What this truly sad story makes clear is that the entire Justice Department should have been set up like the Supreme Court — the President nominates candidates for federal attorneys, FBI director, etc., but once con- firmed by the Senate these officials serve for ten or twenty or twenty-five years according to the positions they occupy, and can only be fired or removed by a two-thirds (or maybe 60/40) vote of the Senate, and NOT at the whim of the President.   Unfortunately, it's too late now – at least so far as the present crisis in concerned.

* Why is it that only one person I've seen on T-V in the past three weeks – congressman Ted Lieu of California – has pronounced Mueller's name according to the way it's spelled.  'Mueller' rhymes with 'mule-air', not with 'dull-er'.


I wouldn't be the least surprised if it turns out that the whole exercise of appointing a special counsel (Mueller) was a carefully thought-out scheme of damage control on the parts of Rosenstein and whoever else. It all hinges on Mueller's character. If he is as upstanding as he's made out to be, then he would not have accepted the post if he knew it was a set-up.
After all, he can take his sweet time to prepare his report, in the meantime the matter will slip out of the public view. Then, whenever he does complete his report, it can be burried in Rosenstein's office.
The only way to stop these psychos is to get control of at least one wing of Congress. In the meantime, the work of dismantling the federal government will continue.


Actually it's very UN-likely that the matter will slip out of public view – the brou-ha-ha surrounding Comey, Flynn et al is a deliberate distraction by the RePooplicans so they can slip their disastrous agenda through Congress with as little attention as possible.

AMEN!  The 2018 elections are CRUCIAL to the survival of ANY semblance of decency and fairness in Amerika.  I just hope it's not Democracy's Last Stand . . .


If Mueller seems to be really closing in on Don the Con et al. He'll find some excuse to fire him just like he did Comey. Trumpf cares nothing for laws, norms, ethics, standards, morals etc. He ONLY cares about himself and WINNING.


I could see pardons coming quickly whatever the case. Trump's folks probably already let Mike Flynn know that will come if he keeps his mouth shut.


If history has shown anything Presidents have never been held accountable for crimes. They either get pardoned or resign and let their minions pick up the slack.


Unfortunately, we don't have a choice but to watch and wait to see what happens this go around.


I feel that not enough is being made of Trump's violation of the ten year term of the FBI director. Clearly Congress knew that the FBI director would end up serving more than one president when it created the ten year term. As Congress has established that the FBI director is appointed for a ten year term, it seems to me that the president must put out a very good reason to terminate the FBI director's term prematurely, otherwise Congress needs to take action to uphold the ten year term. So far, Trump has not provided any good reason for sacking Comey. It seems to me that everyone, particularly the press, should be hounding Trump, demanding to be told why Comey was fired. None of the reasons given so far amount to a good reason. A good reason would be if Comey was embezzling FBI funds, or if Comey was wrecking the FBI, etc. None of this is the case. Yet Trump has fired Comey. His reasons appear totally flimsy. Congress and the American people need to demand an explanation, and should be hounding Trump, and not accepting the illegal and absurd reasons given so far.


The FBI director is a Presidential employee and serves st the Presidents
command. He can be fired at will for no reason. I agree, Trumpf's so called
reason was made up and then the real reason was a blatant conflict of
interest, so? Trumpf cares nothing for norms or traditions. He sees
himself as above the law or even as the law. Since the GOP now holds all or
nearly all the power in DC for the foreseeable future it's going to be a
long grinding ride till fall 2018.


If the FBI director can be fired for no reason, then the 10 year term makes no sense. It seems to me that the existence of the 10 year term means that the FBI director can only be fired for a good reason. This seems to me to be the only logical way to read both of these factors together.