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Can Star Wars Be A Force for Revolution, Not Just Empire?


Can Star Wars Be A Force for Revolution, Not Just Empire?

Peter Bloom

The new Star Wars movie is opening this week to massive fanfare and rave critical reviews. It promises to be the biggest blockbuster of the holiday season – and perhaps ever.


Every phenomenon is viewed through the individual’s personal prism.

I see something quite different–at least in the Star Wars trilogy that I viewed years ago. And I’ve mentioned it before in this forum–that I view Star Wars as the modern myth for OUR times.

While the idea of an all-white cast (wasn’t it Hans Solo who is Black?) may carry racist implications, the inclusion of all sorts of not-exactly-human creatures who assist The Force may make up for that.

My take on Star Wars is that it’s the battle between those who identify with coercion and militarism contrasted with those who follow a genuinely spiritual ethos. That ethos supports life, each individual’s right to express their own destiny, and the realization that something benign indeed does work on behalf of those peace-oriented groups of persons that come together in Spirit’s or The Force’s name.

This is a teaching that is not limited to the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Star Wars teaches, as did Dr. King, that there is a Benevolence that arcs towards justice. It is the hope of ever oppressed People to access that Force.


The modern marketing machine behind a bad piece of imagination is rivaled by only by the religion that grips the west by the balls for 2000 years.

But the people behind that propagation are the same.


Putting Hollywood’s best lipstick on a war pig doesn’t change its smell. And, this smells of money making malarkey in a place far, far way from anything happening on the ground today in our world. Our world being one of 60 million refugees and counting, saber rattling war chatter from buffoons, self-created terrorist hysteria by a lying media, police state goon squads ready to commit state-sponsored murder; and, modern day Hoovervilles in our cities sprouting up like weeds through the growing cracks in our country crumbling political superstructure. Three hours of escapism? Try 40 years of willful neglect and leaders like Ronnie Raygun, Dick " Vader " Cheney and Sheik Ya’ Money Maker from the sand piles of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. " There’s a sucker born every minute " and these blockbusters from Hollywood continue to prove it every X-mas. What we really need is a warm, uplifting American story like Rocky VIII, only with a young black male lead. Yeah, that’s the ticket.:wink:


I see something quite different<

You’re right. Especially the sequel where creatures with primitive weapons defeated the better armed aggressors. I’m not sure what the author is trying to spin here, or why.


I haven’t seen this one, but it would be hard to beat Avatar for being an anti-imperialist blockbuster, though Avatar, too, carries a lot of noble savage and white-centric and even some white supremacist baggage (true of nearly all of Hollywood). But Avatar had some great scenes. I won’t forget the unseen-in-Hollywood depiction of a Black military woman making the call to stop fighting for empire, and to turn her guns against it. “I ain’t doing this sh>t anymore,” she says, and steers her chopper away from killing the great tree to joining the resistance, self-sacrificingly in the end. The depiction of the power of living creatures over that of military machines was also thrilling in a dissenting way.

Palestinians staged a demonstration in blue, calling, like the natives of Pandora, for self-determination. That movie hit a certain chord among disenfranchised people around the world, and was used accordingly.


Woman of color, okay, but she’s Latina, her Mum from DR and her Dad from PR.