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Can Superdelegates be Convinced to Support Bernie Sanders? Unlikely, But Not Impossible


Can Superdelegates be Convinced to Support Bernie Sanders? Unlikely, But Not Impossible

Tom Gallagher

Bernie Sanders supporters aren't big fans of the Democratic Party's superdelegates, the political insiders who get a personal say in the nomination of the party's presidential candidate.


Thank you for staying on for Bernie, we need more like you.
Unlikely and impossible are words we've all gotten used to. They have become meaningless as Sanders wins and keeps winning.
However, even if he is short some delegates going into the convention, if the polls are still saying what they are today regarding Trump winning over Hillary they may very well be convinced to give him those votes. Then there's always the possibility of an indictment or some other dirt Hillary has done coming to light. It's a long road to the convention and Bernie is in it to win it.
We've seen enough of Hillary and will never vote for her.


If Americans demonstrate and protest this rigged game of the Clinton camp but Bernie is kept from being nominated then the Democratic Party faces sacrificing their base for the sake of an unpopular candidate who just might lose to the republicans.

But if Bernie is nominated the Dems could see a landslide election in their favor as the major portion of the electorate would avoid supporting the billionaire oligarch.


Give Superdelegates this choice:

Nominate Bernie or he will run as a candidate of the Progressive Democrats branch of the Democratic Party, with his own PDNC.


Sanders won't run against the DP candidate- that would make him a "spoiler" helping Trump, and defeating the R is his top priority ....


Superdelegates who want keep the White House will switch to Bernie.

Superdelegates who want a robust, vibrant future Democratic party, fueled by the enthusiasm of millennials, will switch to Bernie.

Superdelegates who want to keep the current Democratic party power structure in place will stay with Clinton.


I have been suggesting this scenario for some time now ....

If Sanders is numerically close enough, as it appears he will be, for the SuperDs to be the deciding factor - and polls show Sanders better able to defeat Trump than Clinton, then, assuming the DP PTB are intent on winning in this family squabble between corp factions of the duopoly, though Clinton may be their preference, i think they can live with Sanders - I think they know he has no intention of really rocking their boat ... he has been vetted over the past 20 years or so ...


I think they can live with Sanders ....


If Bernie runs as a Progressive Democrat and his supporters fund a PDNC, he will not need DNC funding. He owes the DNC no allegiance after they cheated him. He will still be a Democrat, not a third party spoiler.

If the DNC wants to unify the party, let them come to a PDNC.

If Hillary is a progressive like she said, she will join the Progressive Democrat faction of the party. If she does not, she can't call herself a Progressive Democrat.


This sounds very interesting. How do supporters set up a PDNC? If Bernie could ditch the DNC without quitting the party that might open up a viable lane for him.


Super delegates that support Hillary, can only be convinced to switch and support Bernie if they are not corrupt. So, just asking: how many of HRC's super delegates are not corrupt?


So how does he get on the ballot as a Dem?

Why bother? All these machinations to keep Sanders a Dem and "save the DP"?


A new political party will not achieve ballot status--it's too late for this election.


I always read Tom's articles; he's on my favorites list because of his integrity, and rightfully so. It is refreshing and really wonderful that he is one of the few of my favorites who is not promoting "holding your nose" and is still waiting to see what happens in the weeks ahead. Knowing this man will be on the inside of the DNC Convention is really good news.


The ONLY way to defeat the Republican candidate for President in November is to get rid of Clinton.


Be still my beating heart. :O) Thanks.


And how do you propose to do that?


The members of the Progressive Democrats of America should be able to set it up:



Let me just give everybody some positive input and say "Bernie, go for the top of the tree" :blush:

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