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Can the Age of Trump Spur Medicare for All?


Can the Age of Trump Spur Medicare for All?

Ann Jones

You may have noticed that quite a few of the formerly united states of America have been choosing to go their own way.


No. Because Trump isn’t the one holding it up. Look a bit closer to home.


Seeing how K Street has a bottomless money supply to assure that the medical extortion cartel’s fortunes continue to be enhanced by DC politicians, any progress on Medicare-for-all, single payer, etc. will never originate in DC, it must start in one state and spread, just as the province of Saskatchewan kicked off Canadian single-payer more than a half century ago.


“This combination of circumstances – …suggests an opportunity to change course and take action,”

I in no way support Trump the president but I thank the author for stating clearly, with examples that it’s already happening, the reason for my hunch that I could support Trump the catalyst. If he and his peers at home and abroad don’t blow us all to smithereens first this could actually become a turning point for the better. Interesting times.


“but Sanders proved unable to sell their ideas to Americans.”

Wrong. Sanders proved unable to sell his ideas to the DNC. Because the DNC didn’t buy his populism, the American people were prevented from showing through the ballot whether or not they support the populist ideas.

Poles on the other hand strongly indicate that the American people do support the ideas of populism. The DNC continues to work hard to prevent that vote from ever coming before the American people.


Applying Medicare for All at the state level sounds like a good idea but it will not work. In order for Medicare for All to work, the dysfunctional for profit system must be done away with. Single payer in one state will not change the system and the state could not sustain the single payer in the midst of the dysfunction and corruption at the national level.

The solution is HR 676 National Improved Medicare for All. The majority of Democrat House members have signed onto the bill. It is time that a companion bill was introduced in the Senate.

We cannot rely on our representatives to do anything right regard our health care. The Insurance and Pharma cartels wag the dog.

If we want the system to change it is up to us. We must unite behind HR676 and make it toxic in 2018 for any Democrat who is not 100% behind the bill.


Sometimes it takes a real view of the alternatives to see the correct path.


“If a state becomes a single payer, where does it get the money?..Taxes, of course. Progressive income taxes. And let’s not forget taxes on corporations and financial transactions. In most states, the money’s there…”

Yes…though state taxation alone will weaken single payer vs. federalizing it to collect the necessary monies to serve everyone, and to prevent business and high income tax avoidance…not that many would leave states like NY, CA or MA…


Single states can do this. California, Massachusetts, New York and other states combined can do it much better, with a larger pool (California alone is larger than all the Scandinavian countries combined) that will provide a real alternative to all the states without any decent plan.

Health care, climate catastrophe and other problems can be solved by the people who recognize the problem.


And we should add, actions also prove that Sanders doesn’t support his populism. And look, now he’s pushing single payer instead of Medicare for all. He’s calling it “medicare for all single payer” which means “single payer” - ah the word spaghetti of the dishonest. The guys a pro. I love that this article even has the title Medicare For All which I’m discovering the internet shills won’t even say.


Intentional lies and deceit from a low-life troll or gross stupidity from a moron…not even the terminally stupid could be so dense…


I will be contacting our state senators, although they are part of the problem…