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Can the Brit’s Baby Trump Blimp Come Play at Trump’s DC Military Parade?


Can the Brit’s Baby Trump Blimp Come Play at Trump’s DC Military Parade?

Medea Benjamin

The best thing about Donald Trump’s visit to England and Scotland was the protests—or Carnival of Resistance, as some called them.


The baby tRump balloon needs to be mass produced by the millions.
One needs to be tied to AirForce Zero permanently.


i was raised in the military so i have a little respect for parades, but not this one. i think it would help the nations morale to fly baby blimp at this one


It will not be allowed, unfortunately.


How about thousands of mini-baby blimps? Spectators could hide them and then bring then out. The cops could not arrest everybody. What are they going to do— issue invitations to only Trump’s supporters?


I’ll contribute $20 to make that happen.


I don’t like anybody who will show up for a parade cheering on weapons of mass destruction and the self deluded “humans” marching in lockstep chanting USA.


Trump is a tough nut to crack. Fact finding journalism, satirical fun making — all of this appeals to those of us who think he’s terrible in nearly every way, especially the current failure of his attitude towards Putin, but his support remains small but solid. The numbers are low but not low enough. Those who support him still do with a degree of infatuation that haven’t really been seen since John Kennedy. The catch phrase “fake news” still is credible to them and works for him. People I like and respect in most areas of their Iives still mirror his attitudes of anger and contempt, and there seems to be no way to disabuse them of this deep strange attachment.

He has, it is reported, amassed a fortune with which to run for re-election in 2020 and there is no one with enough political appeal to become a viable opponent. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are on the right track but unless what’s left of the Democrats and Leftist Liberal Progressives coalesce into a movement that far exceeds what Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barack Obama did and generates some real “hope and change” in an exciting and believable way, Donald Trump and the bankers and all the rest who may or may not be using him as a “useful idiot” to attempt to get the conservative agenda passed and put in place will have won. After that this will be a whole different country and Trump could possibly achieve his dream of being “president for life” and the deep shit will deeply deepen.


I expect you’re mostly right. The Democratic Party keeps negating every candidate that could beat the 'Nugget"…that is a good article by Medea.


Standish_Buttflap: not be allowed by whom? I say fly it with gusto


Who doesn’t love a parade? Trump’s vanity driven vision of a Maoist spectacle is custom made for jump starting the new and improved antiwar movement. This opportunity to escalate from ‘marching in the streets’ to ‘full engagement’ with the military using their own tactics is not to be missed. Think of it! A military column, marching single file, in a confined space of a city street. What could be more vulnerable? Any novice student of tactics could devise an action to block forward motion, cut off the rear to prevent retreat, and ‘kettle’ the whole bunch using a relatively small force of demonstrators. Even if we declared an amnesty and let the buggers go after a few hours, the point will have been made, and the movement emboldened.


Me too!


Just another way for Rump to move towards his totalitarian dream state. He may want the soldiers to march in goose-step, too!