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Can the Democratic Party Landslide the Criminal Tyrant Trump?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/05/can-democratic-party-landslide-criminal-tyrant-trump


Probably because you just described the Democratic party as well. In my world, people are kinda onto that whole doppelganger thing.


I recall a nice tune that pulled it together:


Why has the Democratic Party been losing again and again… ?
Among many other reasons:

  • Both parties are taking bribes from the same entites - ~https://www.opensecrets.org/

  • 'Nothing will fundamentally Change"

  • Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party under Bill Clinton transformed itself into the traditional Republican Party, and the Republican Party moved, was pushed, so far to the right it became insane.- Chris Hedges

  • Schumer ‘logic’ -“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

  • Harry S. Truman - Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time

  • 100,000,000 people that dont vote because Democrats give them no reason to get off the couch

  • eVoting machines
    polling place reductions in Red States
    Media Blackouts
    Complicit Media
    Citizens United
    Judges rated “Not Qualified”
    Interstate crosscheck*
    Emerdata Limited (formerly Cambridge Analytica )
    Voter Purges
    Electoral College

And MOST of that is still in place and operational.

And btw, what have the Dems done about any of this since 2000 when SCOTUS appointed Bush President even though Gore won the popular vote and would have won Florida (and therefore the EC) if ALL the votes had been counted?


One thing I find odd in this campaign is the refusal of Democrats to explain what the consequences are of electing a Republican senator. The voting public must understand that the government is in gridlock because of McConnell and his Republican cohorts. No effective response can be made to the pandemic or to its economic fallout unless the Senate changes hands. Instead of pointing out this simple fact, the Democratic Party carries on about how good their guy is and how bad his opponent will be. That is the way politics has always been carried out, but this time it is different: you have to look at the big picture.


Here’s another song that sums it all up.

How else can Stepford Nader be explained?

This article was merely a long and thoughtful request for the democratic party to become what they are not and to do what they will never do.

A waste of time by any other name…


Here’s Jimmy Dore’s take on this subject.

starts at 8:00

Joy Reid Exposes Herself Again! Sept 03 2020


The DNC will change only after a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction is available.

Until then the Rolling Stones’ Sister Morphine will be the Party’s theme song.

  1. The dismal dollar-drenched Dems have no credibility to do anything on Coronavirus or anything considered to be in the realm of the ‘public good.’ When in the last 40 years have they?
  2. Dems are part of the corporate criminal class and will never call for their own prosecution.
  3. Dems violate the Constitution in their own ways and do not want to prevent themselves doing so in more creative ways in future.
  4. Corporate cruelties are the Dems’ donors bread and butter. If they win the WH, Senate and hold the House, we’ll see about their commitment to challenging their owners to enact a $15 MW.
  5. Dems’ strategy of running ‘a hyper-cautious conservative Democratic opponent,’ exposes how similar they are to (the admittedly loathsome) McConnell
  6. You can’t be seriously suggesting that the Epstein-loving Dems run a campaign of integrity. Also, they tried impeachment. Couldn’t muster the strength to address actual criminality, tho, just confuse people about what happened in the Ukraine and fan the flames of the Russiagate con.
  7. Dems have no intention of addressing Americans’ ‘widespread anxiety, dread, and fear.’ They helped create these in the last 40 years and currently exploit them to their benefit.

Has Nader lost his mind? These are not the Dems of old. And there is no hope for change in either of the two corporate parties. Why would they change? They have us right where they want us, and they are telling us how happy they are with this, themselves, every day and with every action they take. Come out of denial, boomers. We need you to realize that the America your parents fought for in WWII no longer exists, and that both of the corporate parties are to blame.


“When in the last 40 years have they done anything in the public good ?”

To their credit the Dimcritters have advanced social issues like same sex marriage, but only as long as those issues don’t slow down Wall Street’s growing profit machine. Hell, same sex marriage created a huge new profit center for Wall Street.

The 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation elevated corporate contributions above winning elections on the DNC priority list. More of FDR’s New Deal was dismantled during the Clinton regime than under any other regime.

The Clintons and Obamas praise and quote Ronny Raygun more than any other predecessor, while pretending that Jimmy Carter never existed.




“The Democratic Party is indentured to monied interests and is incapable of taking responsibility for its losses and mistakes. Democratic operatives resist organized grassroots pressure and the party excludes/punishes any dissent inside its ranks. The shrinking trade unions that have historically pushed the Democratic Party are increasingly content with crumbs for workers and afraid of union members who have swallowed the Trump lies.”

“The two-party duopoly and an electoral system that obstructs challengers from smaller parties lets the (Party’s corrupt quivering leaders dominate the entire potential Dem/Progressive/Left electorate) Democratic Party stagnate” - Ralph Nader


Nailed it.

Here goes nothin’ – no doubt the following mushy stuff will fail to impress a plurality of my friends out here in the Commons, taking into account the historical reality of mass incarceration – the “New Jim Crow” – largely thanks to this old “white” guy.

But… I was impressed, sincerely moved, when Biden said he spent fifteen minutes speaking with Jacob Blake. I also heard he spent a whole hour with the family. Mainly listening. That’s enough of a difference for me, for now. I’m voting for this old “white” guy, myself. A personal mini-landslide there, perhaps, as I haven’t voted Dimly in a very long time.


Trump is how the final nail will be driven into the Democratic Party and is how the Right wing will cement its control over the same. The “Friendly Corporate takeover” by the right is complete. Ex Republican Politicians are openly running as candidates for the Democrats. Republicans are being invited to speak at DNC party conventions. They know full well that the Democratic party is now a party of the right.

Stalin made the observation that “Of Course the U.S.S.R is a democracy, the people are free to vote for whomever they like as long as they vote for a Communist”.

Thanks to the process that started with Clinton , that same reality has been created in the USA. The people are free to vote for whomever they like as long as the person they vote for a “republican”.

Trump is so bad that any semblance of resistance to the total takeover of the Democrats by the right wing has vanished. The white flag of surrender is being waved and those that once called themselves progressives are asking the right wing to save them from the right wing. It like a person opposed to slavery in the Southern US begging a slave owner to purchase the children from another plantation because the slave owner on that other plantation is so much crueler.


When tensions flared with Iran, Bolton tried to push Trump into attacking. Trump resisted and fired Bolton instead. (Under comparable circumstances, Obama invaded Libya.)

What did Democrats and the MSM do? Did they praise Trump’s restraint? No. They started impeachment proceedings against Trump using the ridiculous “justification” of the Ukraine phone call. They lionized Bolton and paraded him around the media.

The MSM and the Democratic Party sent Trump a very clear message that he was supposed to have gone to war. He would have been rewarded for it. Instead he resisted and was punished.

The Democratic party is an obscenity, more hawkish than its pretend opposition, and no better overall. Democrats heap praise on their warmongers and scorn those very few members of their party (Tulsi) who advocate peace. Biden is no fan of peace. Bloodshed will rise dramatically under Biden, and our world will plunge deeper and deeper into tension, death and war.

The Democratic party steadily and rapidly worsens. It is the party of endless war. Nader would do far better to call for its dissolution rather than its reform.


Our two major parties are closer related to Mafia families than political parties. They may have separate interests, but their family businesses overlap as well, and they don’t tread on each others turf. After reading this piece, I have this mental image of Tom Perez holding Ralphs face in his hands and telling him “Ralpho, you NEVER go against the family, now go fishing out on the lake”…Boom.

Or another analogy, dem’s and the gop are “kissing cousins”, I know creepy, right?


Ralph Nader, as always, spells it out for all to understand. The way I see it is if the democratic party were serious about winning in landslide over trump then Bernie Sanders would have been nominated instead of being used as a pawn. The democratic party appears perfectly happy to have trump remain as fake president as long as it continues to be greatly rewarded for enabling and otherwise doing and accomplishing absolutely nothing. Fake president trump may very well win again and accelerate the job of ruining our country which has been aiming at a downward spiral since Kennedy was killed. Sanders was incapable of calling the DNC on the rigging against him that miraculously nominated Biden. His courage, perhaps for his own safety, ended there. Ralph Nader has always shown consistency and integrity in all his actions. When he ran for President he ran on a third party and saw it through to the end. I see he is doing just fine to this day and maintains his integrity. The sad thing is that all of those great ideas Nader stated here will be IGNORED by this democratic party…they have it too good as it is.


20 YEARS after he ran for President for the Green Party, many Democrats STILL haven’t “forgiven” NADER for garnering his OWN votes because of the things he publicly stood for!

Dems had no — NO — right to condemn people for voting as they wished. Such an attitude is totally contradictory to our Constitution. Yet they did so, quite self-righteously. They said he “took votes away” from Al Gore who “lost” in Florida by 537 votes, according to the Supreme Court.

537 votes!

In Tallahassee alone it was alleged that over 10 thousand, voters were blocked from voting.

Add to this, statistics show that over 300 thousand registered Democrats … voted for … “W” Bush!

Dems have endlessly blamed Ralph Nader’ voters, but never have admonished their OWN voters for jumping over to the other side! UNbelievable!

20 years later, the same types control the Democratic Party … and Ralph, once again, makes the most sense.

Trump may be an ass, but let’s stop blaming him for the irresponsible and infantile actions of “ruling” Democrats, who STILL don’t care what people WANT.

It’s not that they don’t KNOW … the money-connected Dems just don’t care!

I’d say it’s time WE learned our lesson!