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Can the Democrats Break Through These 7 Debilitating Myths?


Can the Democrats Break Through These 7 Debilitating Myths?

Les Leopold

The Democratic Party, with Thomas Perez as its new chair, vows to seek unity, transparency, Trump resistance, grassroots participation, and most importantly, “make sure we talk about our positive message of inclusion and opportunity... to that big tent of the Democratic Party.”

But this message is shrouded with myths that must be challenged if we are to take back the country from financial and corporate elites... and from Trump.

Myth #1: Party unity

Trump Offers “A Nation of Miracles.” Your Move, Democrats

What a joke. Get rid of everybody who corrupted the party during the primaries first, then talk about this stuff. And stop supporting the Russians hacked us idiocy. Only morons can believe that. Articles like this just reveal how clueless you are.


I'll repost my thoughts from another thread: EVERY day, it seems, we get more info on ties between the Trump Administration and Russian billionaires (you know, the ones who rule Russia). Now McClatchy has dug up info on The Bank of Cyprus and our brand new Sec of Commerce and Trump's $55 million windfall on his Florida home sale. Even Trump's big lender, Deutsche Bank is involved in the story. To me, the biggest story is that every day the wealthiest scoundrels of the world seem to gain more money and power. I do not know if this over arching autocracy is really stoppable. Money flows quite freely around the world and often has a way of finding nations with the least regulation and taxation. We certainly can stomp and holler. It might do some good. -- OK, you and quite a few others don't seem to be able to see the forest for the trees. If you think that the Russians did not want their guy in the White House, and worked at it, then you are a clueless person. Unfortunately, that cluelessness is becoming much too common among leftists. It's kind of like, "Let the billionaire mobsters do whatever they like cause NUCLEAR WAR!"


All True points. The Berners and the Justice Democrats should stay open to the party if it falls in line. Otherwise just walk away, keep raising money, keep targeting Republicans and DINOs, keep rallying locals for progressive populist issues and candidates, and leave the Dem party in the rearview. Tap the Bernie supporters NOW and siphon off their support with anti-Trump rallies and use the fascist’s words and policies against them. The movement’s campaign needs to continue, we cannot afford to miss a beat. Refuse to align with the Dem party until they totally get on board. They need us more than we need them.


That has nothing to do with Russians hacking the DNC. That is a smoke screen to allow the Democrats to hide their corruption from themselves. It is not worth any discourse.


"Jaundicedview" - how accurate your self-identified name! soaked in • bitterness, resentment, or envy. (on-line dictionary) adj. Old English biter "bitter, sharp, cutting; angry, embittered; cruel," from Proto-Germanic *bitras- (cf. ... Old English bitan "to bite;" see bite (v.)). Evidently the meaning drifted in prehistoric times from "biting, of pungent taste," to "acrid-tasting."
‎Bitter end · ‎Bitter almond · ‎Bitter pill · ‎Bitter apple

My hunch your powers of observation are sharp...as in clear...but the bitterness occludes and distorts or warps what can be seen.


Myth #8. That with Tom Perez anything will change. A most corrupt democratic Wall Street stooge from the HRC wing of the Democratic party.


You are absolutely right. I am mad, bitter and I think everyone who isn't is nuts.


"Does anyone care about their private insurance company? Only those who work for them".

Most of the folks who I know who ARE EMPLOYEES of medical insurance companies want single payer because the idiocy of the medical insurance model is in their faces 40 hours per week or more. Most of them don't sign up for their company's employee medical insurance because most of them have spouses or significant others who have better employee medical insurance. Such was the case when my wife worked for a regional medical insurance company 20 years ago.

POLITICIANS "who work for them" are another story. Recall Obama promoting passage of the ACA on TV on September 9, 2009 saying "health care reform must preserve insurance company profits" ?


Very good points. The answer is not can they, but will they, and no I don't believe they have shown any desire to change. Worse, I believe they will try to run again in 2020 on the notion that he is so bad we will vote for her, or whomever else they deem acceptable to Wall Street. They will lose again of course but they world rather lose than change.
We must have an Independent party ready by 2020.


Where is the power to eliminate the health insurance industry? Obama had no way to do it.


"Free higher education sounds pretty good to those loaded with student debt."

But that is also the Clinton agenda. She ran on it in the general election but limiting it to families making less than $125,000 a year. More recently it has also been proposed by Governor Cuomo for New York State. So perhaps Myth #4 can be removed from the list.


Unless you demand a mile you won't get an inch.

None of us Bernie supporters ever believed there was any chance anybody would ever succeed in getting "free higher education". We ALL know from years of experience, however, that demanding incremental change gets us nothing. The goal is to make higher education more affordable and unless you maximize your demand on this and other issues you end up with no change at best or with ever increasing costs more likely.


These aren't the only problems for this party out of power. The list is a good start, though. There are structural problems not considered here. Over-reliance on highly-paid consultants. Insular leadership. Lack of dynamic organizations at the state level. Superdelegates and other gimmicks to tilt the field in national primaries. No new plan to re-energize the disaffected.


The establishment Democrats revealed themselves on Saturday to be incapable of reform and totally beholden to a very small group of very rich people with an agenda in opposition to the best interests of the vast majority of not just Americans, but of the entire planet. Clearly Haim ("I only care about Israel") Saban got his way as the single largest donor to the party and it's super PACs. Everyone else in the party is his boot licking lackey. The Democratic Party cannot be salvaged in it's current form. Leave those in control now to go down with their sinking ship.

To those who have finally realized this truth and seek to find another path, I implore you to come and join me in helping reorganize and bring the Green Party to competitive viability. We welcome disaffected Bernie-crats and progressives with open arms. We are coming to positions of leadership in the party, will help write a new, progressive and environmentally responsible platform, and will be candidates for offices at all levels in an effort to gain support and voters in 2018 and beyond. The weird, woo-woo fractured stands of recent years will be no more. The final platform will be a document that any sane and rational progressive will recognize as a truly humane and necessary plan of action to save humanity and all of life on Earth. Let us please consolidate our efforts to take back the political process for the people in one place, one that already exists and has a foothold in the political process - The New and Improved Progressive Green Party. #Demexit!


The white working class is going to be very hard for the Democrats to get because the Republicans have a very sophisticated Internet operation that can influence people's minds and behavior. Behind this is Robert Mercer, an artificial intelligence "genius" who was the big financial contributor to the Trump campaign and Breitbart. They are using bots and all kind of analysis of big data to influence voters and people without college educations would seem to be the most vulnerable to this type of manipulation although everyone may be vulnerable to some extent. The details of this operation were recently described in the Guardian. Much of the stuff was pioneered by the Russians, particularly the use of bots. If the Democrats need to do anything it is upgrade their computer operation to compete with this. Without being able to combat this very clever use of artificial intelligence it is unlikely they will be able to have much chance getting more white working class voters. This is 21tst century politics and it is unlike anything in the past.


But he damned well had the chance to take a principled stand and explain why single-payer was the ONLY way to control costs and deliver the most effective coverage to all Americans. Even if it didn’t pass it would be looking a helluva lot better now to all those angry Trump voters.


It would have been tilting at windmills. Most Americans want a President who seems both competent and realistic.


"Where is the power to eliminate the health insurance industry? Obama had no way to do it."

Yes, right. It isn't like Obama didn't have overwhelming popularity, party dominance in both houses of the Congress and an unprecedented network of volunteers and activists behind him. It's not like 'Medicare for All' is something most Americans actually want.

Certainly, you make good points. Obama was so weak, he couldn't even put single payer on the table for negotiation.

It's so tiresome to hear this excuse-making for Democrats. "In their heart of hearts, they support progressive ideals, but... Republicans!"

Let's not rewrite history. Obama opposed single payer. Clinton opposed single payer. They oppose single payer because insurance industry profits are more important to them than what the American public wants.


Hillary only came to that position after she was shamed into it by Bernie. Even then, she couldn't bring herself to support the real thing and capped it off for families making over $125,000 per year. In reality, the student loan scam would have stayed in place and all her Wall Street banker friends would have continued to suck the life out of our next generation.

This issue was never something she really supported and, in all likelihood would have abandoned it afterward using her favorite theory of constraint -- the art of the possible,