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Can the Gyrocopter Gang Start a Political Reform Movement?


Can the Gyrocopter Gang Start a Political Reform Movement?

Ralph Nader

Last month when Florida postal worker, Doug Hughes, landed his tiny aircraft, known as a gyrocopter, on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol with 535 letters addressed to every member of Congress, the conversation should have been about his desperate message. Instead, his letter to each Senator and Representative arguing for an end to the corruption of private money in public election campaigns was largely ignored. The media focused instead on an airspace violation with an unregistered aircraft.


This is the sort of bravado needed to spark A long overdue Mass Movement to turn this wretched political landscape over on it’s head- Doug will do time for this brave act as so many others who have ruffled the feathers of this corrupt Government, but I see his resolute determination an example many of us need to follow-
Thank You for risking it all, for us all, by leaving your comfort zone to make this long overdue statement, Doug Hughes!


And thank you Ralph Nader for hanging it all out there!


Yes, thank you Ralph Nader- Good point flattusprolongo- I too often unintentionally (unintelligently?) don’t give praise to the person who wrote and brought us the story- I’ll be more vigilant in future writings! Thanks :slight_smile:
Ralph Nader, to me, is the one man in this country who deserved to be elected President more than any other, for he has done the most good for Americans, and I have often stated this…


I’m quite sure Mikhail Gorbachev stated one of the main reasons that he/they where able to transform the Soviet Union was the landing in Red Square of a small plane by (I think) some young German pilot which he used to can most of the hardliners in the Soviet Armed Forces for a potentially catastrophic security failure.
This along with the more glaring failure in Afghanistan, and the Chernobyl disaster lead to the Soviet Break up.

I found it shocking that there was not a huge purge of our top military/security after the 9/11 fiasco but no, as usual, with the 1% everyone failed upward and were rewarded with massive amounts of more funding and promotions.

I looked at this as further proof of 9/11 being and inside false flag operation to further the fascist global corporate state world conquest agenda.


“… by (i think) some young German pilot…”

Mathias Rust


Yes thanks Nader for taking Hughes’ message seriously, and using your stature to push it forward.


I was privileged to spend a day with Mr. Nader during the 2000 campaign escorting him to events in Western Colorado. When asked how he got his daily news fix his response was by reading the Washington Post, NY Times, and Common Dreams.
Since then I have been a loyal reader and occasional commentator, Thank you CD for bringing back our comments!


I can only wish that CD would bring back that Oriental poet/travelling photographer and writer and the poet/pianist that also wrote so brilliantly- I have forgotten their names but maybe someone here can help me out…
Flash back- Phil Rockstroh was one and the other was an Oriental guy travelling the country taking A photographic journey…