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Can the New Left Govern Europe?


Can the New Left Govern Europe?

Conn Hallinan

Over the past year, left and center-left parties have taken control of two European countries and hold the balance of power in a third. Elections in Greece, Portugal, and Spain saw right-wing parties take a beating and tens of millions of voters reject the economic austerity policies of the European Union.


"Can the New Left Govern Europe?"
No, but a military junta necessitated by the US screw ups in The Ukraine and Syria and with the blessing of the Roman Catholic church (which is working mightily to build bridges between Orthodox, Muslims and Protestants--especially the Anglicans and the Lutherans) could do the trick.


This runs strikingly parallel to Mr. Sanders' objectives:

"Putting people in apartments and raising minimum wages doesn’t overthrow capitalism, but many activists argue that such victories are essential for convincing people that change is possible and that the troika isn’t all-powerful.

"They also play to the left’s strong suit: building a humanistic society."

The forum's anti-Sanders posters ought to consider the above along with the overall trends in Europe.

No society is homogeneous. There are always those who lean right and those who lean left and some in the middle. That's why it's absurd for the Left-purists to hammer on Mr. Sanders as if the nation, as a whole, would elect Jill Stein or a true and total Socialist.


I suspect that, regardless of the principled nature of this or that left/socialist movement
or party which arises, the best that any can do, even allied across national boundaries,
is create fairly temporary reform and fight holding actions. This is because the social,
economic and political relations enjoyed by the entrenched capitalist entities are still
strongly in place and are intact to a high degree. I suspect that most revolutionary and
systemic changes which did occur, came about at least in part because the prevailing
oligarchies were themselves undergoing strong seismic disturbance, and were thus
severely weakened.

The ongoing conflicts characterizing schisms between various national and international
capitalist groupings (eg: the West and China, say) are classic and fairly predictable over
the long run, and do not lend themselves toward easy systemic changes from the left.
What is new, however, is the massive and accelerating catastrophes brought about
by global climate change, which of course derives from the very capitalist mentality
we are talking about. This new thing is qualitatively and quantitatively different from
all previous episodes of regional environmental change (the ancient Fertile Crescent
disasters come to mind). I posit that this new global change will be the only thing
which is guaranteed to crack the foundations of modern global capitalism. This is
not at all something to look forward to. It will create global dislocations on vast
scales, including droughts, floods, famine and migrations which will dwarf the current
effects and human pain we are seeing in relatively isolated world zones. It will reach
us all, without exception. It is crucial that we keep this in the back of our minds and
prepare our selves, groups and communities for these events. This is no longer
politics as usual.


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I summarize the article as "Grassroots left response to the European Austerity Crisis". The article choosing to equate 'Economic Crisis' and 'Austerity Crisis'. My own opinion is that they are not ==.
Left out of the article is any mention of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which went into the same Economic Crisis hell. The leaders of those countries famously told economists Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz to go away, your advice is not wanted. Whatever peoples' pushback or rebellion in those countries simply hasn't made the news. But economic recovery, better than Greece's experience, has made the news.
Being well-informed about people's responses to the crisis is simply incomplete without also looking at those other countries. (Might as well look at Cyprus too.)