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Can the World Defend Itself from Omnicide?


Can the World Defend Itself from Omnicide?

Ralph Nader

Notice how more frequently we hear scientists tell us that we’re “wholly unprepared” for this peril or for that rising fatality toll? Turning away from such warnings may reduce immediate tension or anxiety, but only weakens the public awareness and distracts us from addressing the great challenges of our time, such as calamitous climate change, pandemics, and the rise of a host of other self-inflicted disasters.

Here are some warnings about rising and looming risks.


“Open the pod bay doors, HAL!”


Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been arguing about the potential threat of AI. Zuckerberg does not believe it is a serious threat and focuses on possible benefits. In general Zuckerberg seems to dismiss the dangers involved with digital stuff. I believe he has said privacy no longer matters or is gone. He seems to be more intent on pushing what he is selling rather than admitting the potential negative consequences of what he is selling.


Here it is folks:


Well, Ralph, since three out of the four eminent threats you cite are directly tied to reigning in corporate profits, I would suggest that putting faith in our political leadership (aka, The Duopoly) to help is a dead end.

Yet the cowardly, the unimaginative, and the blindly faithful will keep them in power right until the crises blow up.

Dang. A handful of opioids washed down with tequila is sounding kinda good right about now.


New Age Noah empirePie July 18th, 2017

Rising to the top of the predator heap
with style, a gated nest, ….the dawning great singularity best
kicking arse or licking arse, praying for, preying on, & paying for favour;

Kneel on that rug of desire for:

We are the chosen, We are the image, prime time selfie serfs
the Jesu Joys who dig Beethoven
building better arks so we can continue our life of ease and sleaze
to choose them two by two

We are the chosen
don your lederhosen
for the orange sunned daze of the fire haze

Surf the net, reel in the catch
as New age Noah types
building better arks
select cute and cuddly beasts for boarding
as their homes become our hoarding

Seed vaults in the Arctic melt
and the NRA hold revivals in the Bible belt

Liquidate for the rising seas; no time to loose; On to Mars for ‘hope & change’
‘hope & change’ for the chosen


How about the example of the Fukushima disaster?

After the catastrophe, they find written reports by civil engineers reporting that the sea walls were too low and recommending greater heights for the sea walls. The reports were written years before the catastrophe and shelved, ignored.

We may already be in a state of ecological overshoot for the whole planet.


It was good to learn that Ralph does not support self-driving car technology even as most broadcast media hosts and reporters, including those on increasingly conservative public channels, simply take it for granted as inevitable. This is one technology that once questioned could reveal who is misleading the public and why.


I hope it comes around…

Castaways have silent lives, with the strength to rival you.

Driven Out, by The Fixx


As always, serious thoughts from Nader, a man who has always tried to do what is right and constructive for his nations’ people, and the rest of the world. He is a national treasure! We would do well to follow his advice,


If all the things he lists don’t all come at us at once, a small group of sole survivors might keep the spark of human history flockeringly alive. But if they hit all at once, or even if it’s only the biggest threats, nuclear war combined with environmental breakdown due to climate change and other insults to nature, life on earth above the microbial level is most likely done for. Nuclear war is the most preventable of the big disasters because it won’t happen unless people make it happen. Other dangers like climate change or pandemic diseases may have already started and have an evolutionary life of their. They would need to be somehow stopped, not just prevented from happening.

The best thing we could do is not put omicidal maniacs into positions of political power.


That ship has sailed long ago.


Tank, Ship the opioids and settle for a pitcher of Margaritas.


Yes, we would do well to follow Ralphs lead.

Exit the Duopoly.

Join the Green Party. Elect Green Party Candidates to House and Senate seats. Become the Majority.

People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!


Sorry, I meant to say, skip the opioids and settle for a pitcher of Margaritas.


Too late. I already shipped them.

To the White House.

In a package marked Classy Hair Follicle Stimulating Pills.


If anyone is interested and wants to use it, the catalyst for “a massive reversal of our world’s priorities toward reverence for life and posterity” may already be on the web. But it demands a rare honesty and begins with a critical self scrutiny of human nature itself! http://www.energon.org.uk


Opioids treat depression better than physical pain, hence why they are addicting. Mental pain is worse than anything. I wonder how many of the deaths are suicides? Plus how do these people get those drugs Dr.s in CA won’t prescribe them to people who need them?