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Can the World’s Second Superpower Rise From the Ashes of Twenty Years of War?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/13/can-worlds-second-superpower-rise-ashes-twenty-years-war


Thank you both for an inspiring and comprehensive article. If we make a list of all the human rights violations, WAR should be first on the list. In addition to massive death to the wanton waste deployed on cities and farms, the pollution of land, water and air by weapons of mass destruction and the poverty and hunger due to loss of means leading to mass migrations.


hear, hear the senate just passed a War Powers Resolution to return power to congress to arrest illegal wars !! It has a way to go further but finally congress is taking action AND

Rank and File Teachers In Sydney, NSW and Victoria are finally taking a stand supporting the fight to free Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

h ttps://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/02/12/nswt-f12.html


Where is the peace movement? It’s just inner city kids needing a start anymore who will injure themselves in activities like football and warfare, right? Maybe the USAmerican anti-imperialist movement (with classic exceptions, such as Mark Twain) has never been about any genuine concern for “the savages” you know.

When our boys were coming home in body bags or getting their uniforms mythically spat upon by pot-smoking peaceniks, in those days there was something resembling a peace movement. But in retrospect it must have all been about “I sure as hell don’t wanna go.” Once they figured out the “all-voluteer” (read what you like) armed forces, and remote depredation via drone, the so-called peace movement evaporated.

Brown bodies zapped to red mist don’t make a strong impression on USAmericans.


I completely agree. Wonderful insight cogently written.

Nothing unites the establishment more than tax cuts for the owner class and empire. Any American apathetic about either is responsible for the fallout.

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You two are the dynamic duo for an antiwar America; but should Assange
goes down with the CIA/Pentagon plan, your top notch journalism will
be get you tortured too, for spying on the American government.

I was thinking about D. Trump and his kingly approach to trying to rule a democratic republic… although a fading and limping republic.
If he wants to be kingly, then he can follow in the footsteps of all those kings! Congress too is in a way just like all those lords. When there was war, they ALL went. I guess you recall when Richard the 3rd was found where England was preparing a new car park, So—if a president wants to be king—and the Congress goes along—maybe we show return to the days of yore, when the King and the royals all went to war—or in 21st century lingo, the President and the Congress go to war too.
If we could get that passed into law—what a peaceful world we would see, as I think that the VOTE for War–GO to War, campaign would make for the end of wars as we know them. And, wouldn’t that be a nice place to be. : )

I never got “spat upon” by Pot Smoking Hippies, but, I did come back smoking pot.


Striving for peace steadily and consistently is admirable for sure, and I for one can’t stop . But still my heart clouds over when I read that the U.S. is top dog when it comes to military spending - 79% of world military expenditures. Gulp.


Hi Mary_Grayesske:
It is so perfectly obvious that America goes to war to control the natural resources of other nations. It is also perfectly obvious that many Americans think of their political parties as teams—as if the horribleness of what those teams do to the world and to the people of their own nation doesn’t matter.
Dystopia—is that where we’re heading? If things get more draconian —then what? Oh here’s an ominous thought----the children of elected officials are held away from their parents until the politicians actually act on what they promised, That’s pretty dystopian—and then combining this with the novel where in Giliead - the woman are treated as salable widgets anyway—so if the politicians don’t work for the people—then the children are separated from their parents. Sounds awful and inhumane… oh wait, America already does this at the border with immigrant kids. Silly me—we are in Dystopian now! : (

The real world is dystopian enough
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need some positive feedback please consider listening to Ralph Nader’s podcast from September 28, 2019
UGO MATTEI educator, activist, lawyer and writer
“The Turning Point in Private Law : Ecology, Technology and the Commons” only in Hardback and very expensive
“Fighting for Water”

World wars have control of oil resources and now water resources are competing for rights for top control
“Plunder when the rule of law is illegal” and more.
If not familiar with this man his point of view is unique and he won a fight against the government of Italy and the UE against corporate takeover of water in Italy.

Hi Mary_Grayeske:
Thank you for that info, which also explains why I love Cmon Dreams—the place to find answers! UGO MATTEI… I will look him up and any one who can save WATER is a saint. : )

His books are quite expensive but the podcast with Ralph Nader is very comprehensive. He is also on youtube but he is a very fast talker especially in his own language with subtitles. I watched one and felt like I had one two many cups of coffee.

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For decades, Congress has been only too happy to leave warmaking to the president, abrogating its constitutional role as the only power authorized to declare war.

Abrogating it’s constitutional role is an euphemism, what Congress has done ever since 1950, from my perspective, is condoned millions of innocent men, women, and children to be murdered for the U.S. government lies, not to mention 58,000 American soldiers in Vietnam. In my book, that is not abrogating that is treason to the constitution! They have the blood of untold millions on their hands and if Congress were held accountable, if most of them with a few exceptions would have been tried as war criminals a long time ago… WE WOULD NOT HAVE TRUMP.

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Hi Mary_Grayrske:

Hmmm–too many cups of coffee, LOL, that’s also the effect as Trump’s tweets! : )

You forgot to point out the fact that Ilhan Omar supports those dictators of the world who fall in line with her politics. And also the fact she is a supporter of Sharia Law and advocated creating Muslim safe zones to practice it in Muslim majority areas in Michigan.

Assange helped Trump become president via the Clinton emails. This always seems to escape even the most ardent anti trumpers on this site. He ain’t your friend leftists. Time to accept it.