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Can These Studies Finally Help Betsy Devos Admit School Vouchers Are Right-Wing Scam?


Can These Studies Finally Help Betsy Devos Admit School Vouchers Are Right-Wing Scam?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos gear up to dump hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into vouchers and other private education initiatives denounced by critics as ineffective and immoral, two


Facts, research, studies, evidence and the like are on Trump’s ever growing list of enemies and will therefore be ignored by Trump, his cabinet, the GOP controlled Congress and Trump’s voters…


Interesting when you read the Post story:

As in Louisiana, voucher recipients’ achievement changed significantly over time: They underperformed public-school students in math during their first two years in private school, according to the study, but then improved, with no dis­cern­ible difference between the two groups by the fourth year. Losses in reading were erased by the third year, and voucher students even appeared to surpass their public-school peers in the fourth year.

So it appears that:

  1. Changing schools causes disruption.
  2. The rate of learning in the voucher schools exceeds that of the public schools. Were that not the case, students in the voucher schools would continue to lag significantly.
  3. From the Indiana study, that rate of accelerated learning continues, at least for some students thereafter.

A pity we can’t get the accelerated learning of the voucher schools in the pre-existing public ones.


My-Oh-My…alternative facts. Falsehoods. Disgraceful.

Reality is: Louisiana school voucher program earns a D for 2016


It’s called self-selecting, WW, and it’s commonly seen in the charter/voucher system.

Initially, these schools act in an ‘open enrollment’ capacity. In other words, all comers are welcome.

As time goes by, low-performing students weed THEMSELVES out via parental decisions about whether their high-needs student is getting the help they need, can travel to a school in a different neighborhood, or belonged in the charter system in the first place.

With low-performing students weeded out, lo and behold, scores creep back up. And those low-performing students? Well, they’re back where they came from.


In addition, they weed out the undesirables who may bring down the “success rate” long beforehand and special needs students are included in that segment of the applicant “pool.” It is all about the money/profit.


So how many children are going to be left behind as adults because of Vouchers? or do they make it all up before graduating from high school?
What are we producing for our next generation of leaders?


Betsy does not care about educating students. Mike Pence, former Governor of Indiana, is committed to privatizing education. The first taxpayer monies given out to a private school was to a Catholic School in Indianapolis. Mike thought Evangelical Charter Schools would be the recipients. Home schooling is allowed in Indiana with no requirements. I had a client come in and he said that he had just gotten custody of his 3 children. Their Mother, who made it through 7th grade, kept them out of school for 3 years, legally. He was frantically trying to get them in the appropriate grades in public school.
Education is what made America a Beacon to the rest of the World. Not any more. A less educated populace is more manageable for those in control of Congress.


Kruel KKKristians = Pence and DeVoid (of brains). They worship at the feet of the Mammon (greed and avarice) and do so with ostentatious flourishes and pious rhetoric in order to show everyone how religious they are. No compassion, no spirituality, no charity, no human-kindness.


As far as Trump and Devos, how’s the saying go “You can’t fix stupid”. pooka47401 is right, they don’t give a dam about education.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42771”]". . . new evidence [against] vouchers does not seem to have deterred the Trump administration, which has proposed a new $20 billion voucher program.  Secretary DeVos’s enthusiasm for vouchers, which have been the primary focus of her philanthropic spending and advocacy, appears to be undiminished.   This commitment to vouchers despite their multitudinous shortcomings has indicated to some that DeVos is more concerned with gutting public education – and rewarding private interests – than with promoting ‘school choice’."
[/quote] As a former, and fully recovered, victim of AmWay – conned into spending hundreds of dollars to attend right-wing “Christian” revival meetings masquerading as ‘Marketing Seminars’ – I can state unequivocally that De-
Vos’ intention is to destroy public education in order to dumb down the next generation and turn it over to brain­washing by those whose primary goal is to turn ‘Murika into a right-wing theocracy.  Profiteering from voucher schemes is merely a secondary benefit to DeVos’ FunnyDementalist fellow-travelers.

Preserve our children’s Freedom Of – AND FROM – Religion!   DUMP DeVOS!!


Republican’ts. Just. Don’t. Care. About. Education.

They just want your money.


When vouchers are used to fund private and charter schools, the public schools are starved for money causing larger class size, cuts in programs, teacher and staff layoffs. The tax money would be better spent on improving class size (YES, size matters, the smaller the better) teacher training and quality, facility improvement, and a well rounded curriculum.


With all its deep flaws drug along from history, free public education has been one of the great destroyers of tribalism and cults. The place where a poor girl could meet a rich boy, fall in love and possibly marry. Have we gone too far in trying to mix various abilities? Possibly,? Possibly, but the alternative was is truly ugly. I’m eighty years old and a product of a Roman Catholic education, and I can tell you personally that my science education is truly backward and mostly religious myth. Our feeble and failed attempt at integration has been a disaster, but there have been some enlightened attempts at righting the flaw, by integrating communities. Subsidized housing, for example, in wealthy communities. The maid and the sanitary worker can live in a wealthy community next to a engineer or Wall street trader.


These data need to be looked at. If the comparison is between two groups of people - those in the first few years vs. those who have made it through those first few years, - then there is very good reason to believe that no one is catching up. What is happening is that those who did worse at the beginning were just dumped from their programs leaving only the high achievers. Charter schools have a long record of dumping students that are in any way a problem. If that is the case, you cannot argue that the students caught up with where they should have been because you are comparing two very different groups rather than measuring the program that they are in.

You have to compare the same students over a period of time because that is the only way to show actual progress.


[quote=“pooka47401, post:8, topic:42771, full:true”]"[DeVos] does not care about educating students.  Mike Pence, former Governor of Indiana, is committed to privatizing education. The first taxpayer monies given out to a private school was to a Catholic School in Indianapolis. [Pence] thought Evangelical Charter Schools would be the recipients . . . . Education is what made America a Beacon to the rest of the World. Not any more. A less educated populace is more man- ageable for those in control of Congress.
Like I said above, the financial rip-off is bad enough, but what Pence, DeVos, Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco and all their henchmen really want is to control our schools – and our children’s minds:

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42780”]"Of the OVER 300 schools receiving voucher money in Indiana, ONLY FOUR do not have a religious affiliation . . . "[/quote] Whatever happened to ‘Separation of Church & State’??   FunnyDementalist “Christian” Theocracy, here we come!!