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Can This Man Unseat Corporate-Cozy DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz?


Can This Man Unseat Corporate-Cozy DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With Democratic National Committee chair and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz under fire for attempting to "sabotage" payday lending reform and supporting the party establishment, her primary challenger Tim Canova is gaining steam in his attempt to unseat the six-term congresswoman.


Yay, Canova! This is what happens when an honest man runs for President. Everyone please help out in whatever way you can.

Primary season will soon be over, so we really need you now. And when you vote for Bernie, vote for Canova, if you’re there.

Please don’t leave Americans with a choice b/w Trump and Killary.


Best of luck, Tim! Next up for toppling is of course Hillary. :grin:

To make a donation if you can: https://timcanova.com


“Democracy Made In Amerika”


You can really see that the American people have begun to realize that money and power are actually robbing them of democracy. Bernie being ethical enabled that. Had he been a phony and a crook then people’s apathy would have taken over but Bernie has been Bernie all his life and that has earned him trust. People sense the guy means it when he says things. His long record is his microphone!!!

Others who are also willing to fight the good fight for decency and social justice have been encouraged to join in the fight to regain our democracy. To fight against climate change. To find a way to end an endless war (what an obscenity even as a concept >>> endless war). Endless peace makes more sense.

The age of progressives who want a better world has begun. Climate change and rank inequality motivates it but I think that Bernie opened the door for others to see it is possible to run without being corrupt.


Personally, I like this Cubano brother with moxi and an obviously unfossilized healthy brain.


Hope you have tons of money!


From the article: Debbie Wasserman Schultz under fire for attempting to " sabotage" payday lending reform and supporting the party establishment.

Lets hope she can be unseated by Tim Canova because we can be sure if Debbie can, she will attempt to sabotage Bernie at the Democratic convention.


I do not think that even Trump has enough $ to contribute to Bernie every time Hilliary rotten Clinton lies!


Lets hope you do not become homeless! LOL!


“And every time the Red Queen lies about Bernie - I contribute to the cause again!!I” What a great idea!


Deb will be moving on soon either way. If Hillary wins the White House, Deb will be at least chief of staff, and probably sec of state. If Hillary loses to Bernie, it means a progressive swell of support will probably unseat her anyway.


Good poiint.


Great, Tom – thanks! I just contributed $10 (because I’m also contributing what I can’t afford to Bernie – gladly). I’ve never contributed to a candidate out of my state before. Canova’s campaign, and the fact that people like us will contribute to it because Bernie has shown us we can make the difference with our $5’s and $10’s, is a testament to the effects Bernie’s campaign is having. Just imagine the similar effects of a Sanders presidency.


Yes, very well stated. I am in conversations with far Left leaning progressives like myself who like the man and what he had to say, and yet they wonder if the system is too corrupt already, for us to do a damn thing about it. I told him, and will say the same to any who will listen: support Bernie vocally, like you do in your heart, and trust that folks who hear this rallying cry to feel the Bern from a diverse set of sources, will start to open their eyes to the myth of “Electability” promoted by the status quo that doesn’t want anything to change.


See now you made me cry…lol. I have just recently been reassured that I don’t have to leave the light on or hide under the covers because there isn’t a Debbie Wasserman Shultz under the bed and now you tell that there might be one in the cabinet!!!



OK I’m game, Tom! Done–$15. All I can do.


We either rely on each other and our democracy or we cave in and resign ourselves to having lost it. This is seeming like the last chance before oligarchy to me so tell folks to vote as they believe and not based on what a rigged game media keeps telling them. Either democracy wins or we lose no matter what. Last chance to save democracy…it is worth a vote.


Uh-oh, you might go broke! :wink: Thanks!!!


terrific exercise in spreading the weight around the immediate community- many hands make light work