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Can Trump Declare a National Emergency to Build the Wall?


Can Trump Declare a National Emergency to Build the Wall?

Elizabeth Goitein, Tim Lau

The federal government has been partially shut down since Dec. 22 amid President Donald Trump’s demands for more than $5 billion in funding to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. As the shutdown continues, Trump has said he's likely to declare a national emergency in order to get the funds needed for the wall without the approval of Congress.


A key fact is left out of this article: There are about 30 national emergencies currently in force, that have been renewed or simply stayed in place because Congress (both parties) broke the law by not renewing them. Some of them may be secret. That is not clear. Obama issued nine of them, more than any other president.

What also is absolutely unclear is what the actual emergencies were/are.

Also, there are National Security Directives issued by presidents on a regular basis, almost all of which are secret – or known to only a few Kongress Kritters.

So once gain, Trump is being lambasted for doing what every administration does and every Kongress doesn’t do (which means they are also Kriminal Konspirators… The fact is, issuing a National Emergency Declaration based on a non-existent "immigration crisis would be an abuse of power that should be included in Articles of Impeachment.

But here’s the rub: the Dims are too cowardly to go the impeachment route and will continue to diddle and dawdle and whine and cry and Tweet, hoping the Rethugs and oligarchs don’t dump their boy Trump because then they will have to to actually deal with some issues of substance when he’s gone.

Meanwhile permanent war and austerity grow by leaps and bounds.


Not to mention that the GOP continues to rapidly stack federal courts with young, right wing judges who will rule in favor of the 1% no matter what the law is.

Hopefully the mainstream media now asking “what if a Democrat declares a national emergency to address climate change?” will result in the GOP constraining Trump’s current national emergency.

At least the current media discussions about climate change possibly driving a national emergency is giving climate change more media attention.


Emergency powers, the folding of the legislature, and the caving of the military are the traditional steps in the ascent of any dictatorship.
The American Press seems oblivious (or more likely, ignorant) that declaring emergencies has been standard procedure in most countries where Americans installed dictatorships throughout the XX Century.
The answer is yes, Trump can and will declare a National Emergency.
Why is he waiting? Because he has something to gain and nothing to lose by waiting. The probability Democrats will cave goes up with every day the government stays closed, and if the Democrats cave in, the payoff to Trump is enormous.
Should the Democrats cave in? If they do, the gains going to Trump (certainty of re-election) more than offset the loss to Democrats. They should hold firm, and start advertising Trump’s responsibility straight away. It is fascinating they haven’t done it yet.


This is just political theatre.

A national emergency could have been declared 2 years ago. Instead of building the wall or repealing Obamacare, the Trumpbots gave R. Kelly another tax cut.


“The Wall” is Not the Story.

Trump didn’t play “shutdown” last year and wouldn’t in 2019 had the Republicans won the House. What more need we know?! The Shutdown is an attention-getting Trump political stunt coinciding with the Democrats’ win in the House. It’s the tired, old 24/7 Trump Show with Federal workers thrown under the bus.

The Shutdown Hoax is a broadside attack on the Democrats’ win in the House, nothing else. The Shutdown Hoax is the core story. This should be a page one headline.