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Can Trump Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller?


Can Trump Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller?

Robert Reich

Yes, but at a huge cost to our system, and to Trump’s presidency.

Begin with the law: Justice Department regulations issued in 1999, in the wake of Kenneth Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton, say that only an Attorney General can remove a special counsel, and not just for any reason. Such a removal must be based on a finding that the special counsel was guilty of “misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violation of Departmental policies.”


At this point what does he have to lose? Fire Muller and risk impeachment or hang on until Muller releases his report and risk impeachment and criminal indictment. Everyone with a functioning brain stem knows he is guilty of multiple crimes so firing Muller and facing a constitutional crisis may be the path out with the fewest obstacles.


Not sure why Trump would even bother. Mueller’s been at it for more than a year, trying to find some shred of evidence of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia. Got zilch.

He did indict a couple of people for making false statements, another couple for money machinations, one for identity fraud and a whole bunch of Russians for posting on Facebook.

His latest feat is raiding Cohen’s office to find out about hush money Trump paid some mistresses.


Sounds like bullshit to me. Watch The Jimmy Dore Show. One of the best:


None of this matters right now. Trump will never be Impeached until congress changes hands.


bobby, you should know better than that, mueller is a deep state actor and trumps is a deep state tool. nothing is going to happen to mueller…nixon was in the popular parlance an “outlier” in my parlance, a “wildcard” that needed to be eased out of office because of what he he knew…but nixon was smart,tough and if his back was really against the wall, he may have spilled the beans about that “whole bay of pigs thing”


I think he waits for the midterms. With gerrymandering and voter suppression married to high right wing turnout via the right wing media Trump may win again. If so Mueller is less dangerous as impeachment is unlikely. He lets the Mueller thing unfold and says they Got nothing, reality done not matter. If he loses he cleans house, pardons everyone and says it’s all lies from the deep state.


That would make a great graphic in parallel with the media reporting on those dates. In the 70s case Bork the pork played pivot.