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Can US Government 'Secretly Plot to Assassinate' Americans Without Due Process? Judge Says No, Allowing Case Against 'Kill List' to Proceed


Can US Government 'Secretly Plot to Assassinate' Americans Without Due Process? Judge Says No, Allowing Case Against 'Kill List' to Proceed

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a major victory for all who believe the U.S. government should not have the power to sentence people to death in secret, a federal judge on Wednesday greenlighted a lawsuit brought by an American freelance journalist who claims he was placed on a classified "kill list" by the Obama administration and targeted by five separate drone strikes.


I’m pleasantly surprised at the out-and-proud pro-Constitutional rulings coming from the federal bench lately. Impunity and imperial overreach aren’t dead yet, but they might be less steady on their feet than they seem at first glance. Brava, Judge Collyer, and may your courage be an inspiration to your colleagues.


Many US citizens take great pride in their country’s legacy of world wide death. I did an image search for US flag with skull and crossbones. The results were sickening.


Those who create a “kill list” do so with intent.

Now that following through with that intent is against the law, any conspiring to create another “kill list” must be charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder.


So will this be retroactive to every president since WW2? Just asking’.


– Smiling Hillary Clinton on Quadaffi assassination.

Oh wait, he wasn’t a U.S. citizen and Hillary was only SOS. So no problem there…Now Bill, on the other hand…

All good. It’s all good when you’re an exceptional god or goddess.


“…he was placed on a classified “kill list” by the Obama administration and targeted by five separate drone strikes.”

You Obots get that? Your hero was NOT what came out of his mouth or his propaganda machine!


How long will it be, I wonder, before this near-totalitarian government starts to target judges like this for assassination as well?

It seems that they have taken repression up three or four notches in just the last year and a half, with the government at both state and federal levels openly doing things that most people thought died out with the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, or Maoism.


No matter what’s legal or not, you can bet that the American government, corporations, the police forces, and the billionaire elites will kill or otherwise attempt to silence people who stand up for what’s right.
Look what they do to animal rights activists.
Or just watch the movie Silkwood.


Those that made the original one should be charged with Treason and executed right after their speedy trial.


The same methods work equally in reverse.


At this sick time in our morbid society, it should be the reverse as we have criminals in charge of evrrything. They should be secretly removed… not us!


Thank you for finishing my thought.


Sounds like we got another volunteer.


Don’t forget he was also a constitutional law professor, go figure. I feel sorry for his students, they couldn’t have learned much.


I hear you, and I used to say that out loud, but these days I’m almost afraid to remind people that Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must from time to time be watered by the blood of tyrants.


And when an armed militia is one of the only ways to stop authoritarian rule, will you be among those that don’t want guns? Who will you lean on for help?
We have been subjected to fear mongering time and time again. I learned that most of it is BS.
But I do fear a big brother, police state type take over.

Uh, who’s that at the door? G


This is step one of many. Even one court case won would be a small step, miraculous, wonderful.
Step one: One government list is outed. In a court case. In a left-leaning publication, although not in MSM.

Down the line, out all the lists. Because the police state is here.