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Can We Divest from Weapons Dealers?

Can We Divest from Weapons Dealers?

Kathy Kelly

About three decades ago, I taught writing at one of Chicago’s alternative high schools. It’s easy to recall some of their stories—fast-paced, dramatic, sometimes tender. I would beg my students to three-hole-punch each essay or poem and leave it in a binder on our classroom shelf, anxious not to lose the documentation of their talents and ideas.

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Can we Divest from the Duopoly and all of it’s entanglements?

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Hi PonyBoy— divest? Probably not—because killing people all around the world has become our greatest export. Oh the $ money that retired congress people and ex loser generals can make. It would be wonderful if they used their science to fight the Climate Change War----but----future thinking is not their game. : (


Hi Stardust, so true. Makes me sick how we’ve basically allowed the political corruption simply by voting for the two most corrupt political parties in this country.

You’ll enjoy this little parody on a 1978 Toto song, “Hold the Line.”

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Hi PonyBoy, LOL, that was great! Thank You! : )

If one has to depend on the world living in strife in order for one to survive ,perhaps this dependence explains why our world resists any attempt to create a structure for lasting peace.

There is a way to change all this, ultimately every geopolitical problem as well as personal problems breaks down to a spiritual problem.All of life is spiritual,and therefore all of life’s problems are spiritually bssed-and spiritually solved.Wars are created on our planet because somebody has something that somebody else wants.
All conflict arises from misplaced desire .

Not needing is a great freedom .It frees you first from fear and secondly frees you from anger.

These people and corporations are so afraid and come from only that place .

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“How different our world could be if efforts were instead directed toward education, health care, and community welfare.”

Amen to that. Utopia beckons but can the humane race rise to the challenge. Ever the question.

So we are just going to ask them nicely? Because if you think they are going to be coerced by the people. Ha ha, ho ho.
Weaponeers have all the money and most of Washington at their beck and call.

That would be like telling Fox Noise that they have to shoot straight from now on.

War profiteers like Marillyn Hewson and so many other war profiteering people like her in the so-called defense industry, are the crux of the problem. And in my view, nothing will change until the masses of the American people realize the narrative needs to be changed from the defense industries to the offensive, terrorist, industries. But not much chance of that ever happening until the masses of the politically, brainwashed, Americans wake up to that fact.

We could divest from war profiteering weapons dealers, if enough people realized how much they have been lied to but probably never going to happen because the military,industrial,Congressional,complex has become the Amerikan… Fourth Reich!

Hi GANDOLF: : ) no we can’t ask them nicely—we couldn’t even get near the lobbyists and congress people who work for them to ask. I don’t think anything will change until America falls into the pit that it thinks that it’s creating for all the other nations----but it’s very clear that American cannot keep its word in its agreements—and maybe we will fight on a bit longer before we crash----but the war mongers will just go to work for China, because they are building their empire through work agreement with other nations including the EU and Africa. America’s great product is selling death. : ( In my most negative view I see this:
In sadly a very short time, future people will speak of America like they speak of Atlantis----did it really exist? Was it that powerful ? Where was it located? WHAT? Oh it can’t possibly be real, but where history shows it was located is a bombed out nation where people lived so primitively that who could believe they were ever a real and mighty nation? : (

Yup, we suck. But we don’t have to own it just yet. There is still time for renewal. The time for a full on revolution is upon us. We have roughly three choices. Peaceful revolt, armed revolt, or suck it up and fend for ourselves. That would be relinquishing everything to the fascists.

Hi GANDOLF: : ) and weirdly it could be something like Climate Change which forces people to quickly learn to work together to survive. : )