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'Can We Do That?': As Israel Murders Palestinians in Gaza, Right-Wing Troll Ann Coulter Suggests Shooting to Kill Along US-Mexico Border


'Can We Do That?': As Israel Murders Palestinians in Gaza, Right-Wing Troll Ann Coulter Suggests Shooting to Kill Along US-Mexico Border

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the death toll in Gaza climbed with the Israeli military killing unarmed Palestinian protesters this week, a tweet from right-wing troll Ann Coulter highlighted the parallel between the indifference of many in the U.S. political establishment to the suffering of people in Gaza, and the disdain that anti-immigrant zealots, including those in the Trump administration, --currently showing-- show for Central American asylum seekers at the U.S-Mexico border.


No, you demonic creature–since you are fond of the Israeli massacre of Palestinians you should know that they have risen multiple times before. When people are desperate enough they do what they need to do. Also, take a good look at the faces of our Latin neighbors and you will see the indigenes in them which means they have more right to Turtle Island than the likes of you.


Here is the thing. There are a good many who would have problems with that Anne Coulter said and call it reprehensible, while at the same time having no issues with that Israel is doing.

Just imagine, as example Niki Haley even daring to suggest that the US start shooting people across the border at the Border fence with Mexico then ask yourself why how that really any different then her claiming Israel has the right to do this to Palestinians?


Ms. Coulter has long since gone off the charts in terms of grotesque comments!


The US Fourth Reich stands ready to follow the path of the Third, as has Israel.
*I was a young boy when the last war ended (1945) and we were all so happy that Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan had been defeated. We had finally ended war and looked forward to peace.
*Now, in my eighties, I have watched the recreation of the Axis in the United States Fourth Reich, Fascist Israel and the Saudi Kingdom.
I find it both sad and disgusting that I see myself dying in essentially the same nation as I celebrated the end of. The primary difference is the flag, the language, and the level of weaponry and surveillance. The rest seems to match.


To suggest that somehow Israel is “murdering Palestinians in Gaza” would be like saying the USA was murdering Nazis at Normandy. It belies the facts on the ground. Hamas drove thousands of its citizens, many with weapons, rocks, molotov cocktails and guns to try and breach the Israeli border. Any country would defend itself given these circumstances. Further, Hamas is now admitting that over 50 of those dead are Hamas operatives.



I’m sorry that the majority has allowed the Duopoly to pull the wool over their eyes, to blind them to the realities of their lies.

Please hang in there, as a reckoning is on the rise and a revolution in thinking and action is forthcoming.

Us old-timers must be ready to join our youth in the streets.


In the late 1930’s and '40’s, Nazi Germany started their pogrom against Jews (and many other races and ethnicities)
*In the Warsaw ghetto, while the Nazis were having sport hunting Jews in the ghetto, young Jews began stealing arms and fighting back. Soon, hunting Jews was not a walk in the park anymore.
*Those mostly young people pretty well ran the Nazis out of the ghetto for quite a while, regardless of bloody reprisals by the Nazis.
*Finally, the Wehrmacht marshaled overwhelming force of arms, artillery and gas and the resistance was ended, the survivors were executed or sent to death camps.
*The lesson the Jews should have learned is that oppressed peoples will resist and fight for their freedom even if all they have are sticks and stones.
*What they seem to have learned is the Nazi lesson, that with enough firepower, gas, dogs, drones and missiles, you can, eventually, destroy any targeted group.
*True, you can kill people with bombs and guns and starvation, but YOU CANNOT KILL IDEAS! And ideas fuel resistance and perseverance.