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Can we Feel the Heat?


Can we Feel the Heat?

Cathy Breen

I am travelling as a peace witness in Iraqi Kurdistan. We visited a sheikh whom I had met in Fallujah in 2012. He and his family were forced to flee to Kurdistan about two years ago. Fallujah iis being held by ISIS. None of the residents are allowed to leave. People are dying of starvation.


What CAN we do to stop the pain?

I feel it. Am aware of it. Am astounded that so many Evangelicals view all citizens of the Middle East as their enemies and thereby conveniently do away with their usual anti-abortion passions… not recognizing how many born babies are put at risk.

The story of the woman who could not feed her infant will stay with me.

I wonder if a drive was done where Western women all send a GOLD RING and the sales of that collective gold somehow purchases what, a safe house? Food shipments released by airplane?

What would stop the pain?

Like so many, I opposed these wars and recognized their false justification from the get-go. But those of us who opposed them, were just pushed aside. The militarists and advocates for military empire (devoid of any laws or accountability) just did what they intended to do. Force first. Women, children, Nature, infrastructure… be damned.

And advocates of these diabolical policies (Hillary, included) have the nerve to hold up their resumes… as if they prove “experience” in leadership!


This is where that thing called WAR leads. Why on Earth are soldiers still “honored” for their sacrifice?

They destroy everything and everyone and with all of the DU Munitions used on the peoples of Iraq this destruction and killing will go on for a long long time.

But they got rid of a tyrant…right?