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Can We Start Talking About Food and Agriculture In the Runup to Paris?


Can We Start Talking About Food and Agriculture In the Runup to Paris?

Ian Fitzpatrick

Food production is responsible for a big chunk of global greenhouse gases, while climate change is already having a significant impact on food production. It’s also the site of struggle between a small handful of big agribusiness corporations seeking to shore up the control of global food production and distribution systems at the expense of small scale farmers who have been practicing agroecology and food sovereignty for generations.


Everything in this article is true and been said a thousand times before. There are probably a hundred NGO’s that advocate for agroecology and small farmers, but that seems to be as far as their efforts go–advocacy.

Meanwhile, funding organizations–World Bank, African Development Bank, USAID, DFID, SIDA, Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation–keep spending their agricultural funds on things like ‘improved’ seeds, chemical inputs, and large monoculture growing operations, all of which are antithetical to agroecology. I think these organizations are mostly concerned about their own happiness.


Thank you posting the petitions - signed.
Agroecology is and always has been so far ahead of the resource grabbing model - which is so wasteful that the only way it can survive in its current iteration is through immoral practices.

Co-ops, buy as much local and fair trade as possible, keeping voicing with petitions, op-eds with the documentation. The future generations we need to be supporting, from seeds to mindsets, are the ones that welcome diversity, doing with less for the joy of knowing that the shares get spread around.
Make the oil companies fulfill full ecological remediation in Nigeria!