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'Can You Hear Me Now?' Twitter Rejoices as @Snowden Arrives


'Can You Hear Me Now?' Twitter Rejoices as @Snowden Arrives

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Can you hear me now?"

And with that, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden entered the social media fray of Twitter on Tuesday morning under the username @snowden.


There has never been anything more brilliantly conceived for disabling and neutralizing the effective organizing process needed for popular action against Power than Twitter has been.

Facebook is the runner-up.


"Can you hear me now?"

add the post-BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. Its necessary to turn to the 'propaganda bullhorn" as Kerry projected his own blowhard identity on RT. Try watching "Pretty Slick"

If we can't yet prosecute these criminals, we darn well better inform each other in the mean time. Thank you folks in the Gulf region.


well...I'm old, when I was but a wee lad we did it the street...walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk, as it were...it took us a while and it cost us more than a few lives, but we shut down a war...if, in these modern times, the net/web works well then it a good thing but we still have that new manual of war thingy biting us in __ __ __ and such...I don't do f/b or twitter I just kinda liked those old days but Nam cost us too many lives where now it's the country so click away baby


I can't be sure what Saul Alinsky would have thought of twitter and with people with their heads in their smartphones distilling reality into mindless 140 character phrases, instead of together as brothers in the street. I dont think he would have liked it.


No, he would not...seeing as old as I am and having been there done that I am now of the mind that if and when it's done in the street it has to be in total silence, everything has already been said, all of the signed carried but silence has Power and the Power needs to be used in the street...I refuse to own a tracker/cell-phone, a land line is all I have with no message machine, either I'm on the web using gawd knows what to protect what I say or I'll be in the street in silence...we stopped a war and that hadn't been done before or since, but being an old white guy, what do I know? Thanks for your words, you got me cookin' on the stove :-))) Peace


The system as developed by the hierarchic pinnacle focused on colonizing and extracting 'values' from everything - including using media to replace full historical narratives from the same 'externalized costs' mentality has had the 'mission creep' of taking all life on the planet 'out on a limb' and using MIC as a saw between life and the trunk.
It has long been asserted that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Interesting to think of that in terms of process as well as content with the observable patterns in nature of what are currently called 'fractals', and exponential dynamics. Process becomes content and content --> process.
By way of linguistic query, a word of caution. Note that twitter is is a software, a corporate construct, 'an ap' that can reflect activity of HUMAN BEINGS. What does it say of our capacity for discernment when it is said that "twitter rejoices"? Beware the desire for a 'linear' accelerator applied to corporate globalization.


Maybe it's just we elderly old goat? However, though I do have some of the items you've avoided, I've already heard too much of Snowden and really don't care to hear more. Maybe more subscribers (I'm a Facebook one as I like to see what my youngest granddaughter is doing as she spends a semester out of college and wandering around Europe with friends), but avoid "friends" and have messages from the millionaire who continues to collect his bounty, messages assigned to the spam folder. While many came out to see
the Pope and hear his message of peace I wonder if that granddaughter is willing to march and protest in person? This old woman isn't afraid to do so again, but I do have some
fear of the local sheriff's gestapo should I choose to get out my walker and do so.


Sadly, a well-warranted fear, should you do so.
Best of luck, from an old fart!


"Beware the desire for a 'linear' accelerator applied to corporate globalization."
Good Lord! I hope they haven't acquired CERN!


Yep, no respect for the aged even in a protest. Nice to see an old fart here. Sometimes I feel like I must be the only aged old woman posting. Still trying to change the world at age 80.


Snowden is an American National Hero. His statue should be raised in Washington DC. And if there is no room for the statue, we can just take down and existing statue of say Washington, Jefferson ,etc. or any one of those slave owners.