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Can You Hear Us Now? On Why Documenting the Daily Outrage Is Not Enough


Can You Hear Us Now? On Why Documenting the Daily Outrage Is Not Enough

John Atcheson

Can you hear us now?

Ben Jealous and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just showed Democrats how to win. Both backed single-payer health care, a living wage, criminal justice reform, a more humane immigration policy, and both ran grass roots campaigns that didn’t hew to the party machine’s middle-of-the road, center-right, corporate-campaign-driven spin machine. Both refused fossil fuel money. They’re not alone. Progressives kicked butt yesterday. Elsewhere in New York, Dana Balter beat a more moderate challenger, and in Colorado progressives swept the table.


Progressive Democratic Party candidates MIGHT lose while corporate Democratic Party candidates WILL lose.

Sad to say that Murkin voters keep proving that given a choice between a real GOP candidate and a pseudo GOP candidate, they usually vote for the real GOP candidate.


When both parties are owned 100%… how can they have a tune other than what their organ grinder gives them.

Two party system isn’t democracy when they are both owned.


Unless and until we change our two-party system (which is gonna have to be done state by state since they control the ballot process), we’re gonna have to roll up our sleeves and change the status quo from within, from the bottom up…BOTH parties. It’s easy to rack up numbers showing 98% of Republicans support Trump when Republicans are leaving the party in droves. Same for the Dems. Heck, I left myself when the the party made it clear the only time it wanted to hear from me was when I gave money or went to the polls to vote for their candidate of choice (as opposed to ours). And I’d been with them since '72.

Independents make up the largest number of voters; non-voters make up the largest number of eligible voters. Then there are other groups like Green Party, Libertarians, communist Party et al.

Look folks. None but the few rabid Trump supporters can ignore the trouble we’re in today. Screw both the 1% and the 30%. The oligarch’s have won a trifecta in that they control the puppets in all three of the branches of government. Let’s get money out of politics, corruption out of government, the drawing of voting districts out of the hands of politicians and do something about the electoral college. The 70% have got to get out of the weeds and take care of the big stuff.

Then we can go back to our respective places at the table, have civil discourse, agree to disagree, and compromise as needed for the common good.


Ah, but exactly what is “it?” Are we really still talking about making the Democratic Party progressive? Really? The current electoral system in the US is like a vast casino where a few big winners at slots or blackjack have the effect of increasing the overall house take. Similarly, a few progressive winners like Ocasio-Cortez are needed to lend legitimacy to the D Party and preserve the illusion that it might actually become progressive. Wake up and support the Greens.


The Greens need to wake up and join the DSA. Or, at the very least steal from the game plan. Then, when they say they’re members of the GP, running in the Democratic Party primary, voters will consider them and their policies. There is a recent precedent. ( Hint-she’s 28, lives in NYC )
When the GP can’t even get 40% ( votes ) of what the Libertarian Party got in 2016, you need to take a check up, from the neck up. Really; who do you think the Libertarian voters cast their ballots for in off year and local elections? Being pure applies to willful and political blindness, as well as purity political aspirations.
While Rome burned Nero fiddled. While the country went off the rails, the GP group-diddled. They used the highest quality lanolin, but their mental masturbatory persuasions, just didn’t sink in. In the end, what was left was a small, flaccid handful.


Yeah, I’m not so sure that better leaders for the "passionately ignorant’ thing is going to work.


The key word here is “turnout”–given that forty-seven percent of eligible voters didn’t vote in '16, it’s not a question of picking off some disgruntled Trump voters–If this is left up to the Democratic party and it’s tired, old leadership, we’re done for!–They’re caucusing behind closed doors trying to figure out how to dampen progressive enthusiasm.