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Can You Keep a Secret on International Women's Day?


Can You Keep a Secret on International Women's Day?

Pat LaMarche

On this International Women’s Day it’s amazing how many people are still against a woman making a buck. While men across the developed world chase the almighty dollar and get cheered on for it, women with the same desire for cash are still called names: from aggressive to greedy.


Love this Ms Pat LaMarche. I think it would be great to see more and more attention given to Stephanie Clifford defense. So frequently we see and hear examples where the woman in a relationship is the fall guy. She is the temptress, siren, femme fatale, vamp, home wrecker. Sure she is and the other party was a sucker and had no choice. Poor dear men, so vulnerable.


Somehow, I think that this will not be a “Happy Ending” for either of our two participants in this salacious slice of American life.


Apparently, the word paternity appears in the original agreement that “David Dennison” never actually signed.

Now, I’m just spitballin’ here but how juicy would the story get if we added a Stephanie Clifford pregnancy and subsequent abortion to the narrative?

On the topic of this article, I ask Stephanie Clifford to set the truth free.


This is an incredible exercise in neutrality without cultural bias if that is possible. Well said.!


And a look at how certain very influential segments of the Christian religious community give Hair Fuhrer a green light (with which to greenlight the masses) when it comes to 14-16 sexual assault allegations, or recorded prideful sexual assault language in a live recording, or even an adulterous affair with a porn star and then paying her off to shut up.


The ultimate in blatant hypocrisy!


Yes, and how does the Christian right justify that hypocrisy, they go back in time to Bill Clinton’s democratic defenders. While they may be right in that assertion, 2 wrongs don’t make an effing right–yet that is exactly how they are justifying their support of this sleazeball grifter.

Of course, they will also totally omit that in the current day, progressives were leaders and supporters of the #MeToo movement, and those people were Time’s Person of the Year, sometimes a demonstrative deserving award, and other times a total joke–kinda like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

While the year is not over, I do not see anyone exceeding the public’s support of Emma Gonzalez and fellow students. It should be her/ them next year, no question.

Well now maybe others if scientists resolve an end to global warming, some unforeseen solution to save the day-- but let us be real.


Yes that is the talking point crafted by the likes of Billy Graham’s demented son, taking on his mission of hate.