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'Can You Spell Obstruction?': GOP Senators Admit Trump Asked Them To Curb Russia Probe


'Can You Spell Obstruction?': GOP Senators Admit Trump Asked Them To Curb Russia Probe

Julia Conley, staff writer

Reports of president's attempt to pressure senators after firing James Comey leave critics "not surprised," but eager to see Trump held accountable for actions


How do you spell, L-Y-I-N-G T-O T-H-E F-B-I?

General #1 goes down in flames!


More obstruction of justice. Nobody would believe a fictional novel where a president obstructed justice to this extent and not be impeached. It appears the Republicans will let him get away with almost anything to save their own jobs.


For those of us who were around for Nixon

This is a welcoming redux


Exactly right. Accountability is no longer a matter of law, now only who is in power and willing to overlook wrongdoing. What Trump has done, so far, makes what Nixon did seem trivial.


Can’t someone please send the reptard/dotard a fully loaded drone for Christmas?


Klobuchar: It was also wrong of you to immediately condemn your fellow Democratic AND same-state Senator Franken re the allegation against him. What the eff is wrong with you?
Will the obstruction and Flynn’s plea make any difference to the sadism of the Republican tax bill?




The founders and authors of the Constitution purposely left the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” to include actions just like DJT’s attempts over the last 316 days to strong-arm not only Comey but also members of the Senate committees investigating the Russian connex (on two documented occasions). Yet the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil group of GOP primates in the House and Senate pass off such inculpatory behavior as benign and to be expected of their overlord. Were any Dem pres to conduct themselves in a like manner, they would have him/her head on a pike within a few weeks. Their double standards are reprehensible,outright criminal as well as overtly unConstitutional.