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Canada Abandons Proud History as ‘Nuclear Nag’ When Most Needed


Canada Abandons Proud History as ‘Nuclear Nag’ When Most Needed

Linda McQuaig

So insistent was Canada in pushing for nuclear disarmament that we became known among top NATO generals as the “nuclear nag.”

Make no mistake — that was meant as an insult. But it gives me a shiver of pride to think that Canada was smeared because of our insistence on challenging NATO’s top brass over its determination to keep the world armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.


Yes c’mom Justin … show some spine and side with those countries that strive for the elimination of doomsday weapons. I know that you’re concerned about trade with the U.S. and the fat, stupid, racist, pumpkin that’s currently leading it but if the world is turned into a post-apocalyptic nightmare by these lunatics then no trade deal will make a bit of difference. As for any sniping from Canada’s right wing lunatics … don’t waste time being nice and accommodating.


…and, one nuclear strike on the Tar Sands will extinguish their precious dirty fuel source after it burns long and deep.


One of the key problems with Trudeau bucking the trend to show unconditional support for everything the U.S. asks for, is the fact that Canada is the fourth largest U.S. defense contractor. Add the fact that Canada depends on massive trade with the U.S., makes any Canadian politician wary off pissing of the U.S.
Meanwhile, the benefits of becoming a corporate lackey are huge. Successive Conservative governments taught all of the political parties that you can get rich very quickly by accepting corporate ‘donations’ (Bribes!) with minimal consequences… if any! To top it all off, excessive mainstream media south of the border has had a powerful impact on many Canadians who buy into the propaganda that the U.S. somehow is a defender of democracy as well as a benevolent leader who bails out impoverished nations (i.e sending an aircraft carrier to Haiti after an earthquake) in their time of need. It is difficult for any politician to cater to all of these groups.
It is increasingly rare that any politician will go on the record as someone who doesn’t support the agenda of the wealthy or someone who won’t accept corporate donations. Trudeau exemplifies this with his pandering to rich donors with $5,000 a plate dinners and promises to “work with both sides” so as not to disturb his primary financial backers.


A just Trudeau would have been amenable to going down in flames before becoming a flunky of the US.

He is an insult to his father’s legacy.


Now that is an intelligent comment. Creating a nuclear winter would solve all of our problems! And all life on this screwed up world.


Well said!