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Canada Accused of Complicity in Mining Companies' Abuse of Women and Girls


Canada Accused of Complicity in Mining Companies' Abuse of Women and Girls

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Canadian government is failing to protect women against human rights abuses by supporting and financing mining companies that are involved in discrimination, rape, and violence abroad, according to a new report submitted to the United Nations on Monday.



Such predation and looting are not "abberations" in the dominant economy.

Such predation and looting are the very foundation of the dominant economy.

The "ownership" of land and "resources" in this economy all traces back to theft, rape, murder, genocide, slavery.

And the front edge of present-day "exploitation of natural resources" in this "mainstream" globalized dominant world economy, especially in mining and energy but also in agriculture and manufacturing, necessarily also employs theft, rape, murder, genocide, and slavery.

And the supremely arrogant flipping of reality exemplified in this quote from the article - In a leaked email between the Canadian embassy and the mine's then-owner, Skye Resources, the native community is referred to as "invaders" and a property conflict is described as "an anarchic free-for-all land grab." - is simply standard arrogance for the managers, investors, and operators of these horrific outposts of human horror.

Do not believe that you can shop, or own, or "consume" in this dominant economy without participating in such horrors. This does not mean "you are to blame" for these horrors but it does mean that you should take every opportunity that you can to not participate, and to operate outside this economy, and to live and take care of each other outside this economy.

And we need to seriously organize ourselves to confront and transform and overturn this economy, and impose a humane and ecological economy that accounts for fundamental human and ecological decency at every level of economic activity.


A huge part of the native peoples (everywhere on this planet) protesting/protecting against Oil & Gas companies is because of rape, missing women and girls, drugs, (especially meth) coming in with the crews.




First world problem...eh Canada?


Your second last paragraph is profound,we need to not only adopt a new doctrine for co-existing on this planet but also teach it to our children.Well said !