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Canada and EU Sign 'Thoroughly Undemocratic' CETA Trade Deal


Canada and EU Sign 'Thoroughly Undemocratic' CETA Trade Deal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Canada and the European Union signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on Sunday amid widespread protests against the controversial deal that came back to life after negotiations stalled over objections from Wallonia, Belgium.


If it passes, CETA would create a legal system that allows corporations to sue governments for perceived loss of profit.

In turn, I presume citizens can sue corporations for loss of the planet -- i.e., Global Warming . . . . ?????


Big money always wins. The California coast from Santa Barbara to the Oregon border was once a dense temperate rain forest of Coastal Redwoods, the tallest and I think the prettiest trees in the world. They grow nowhere else, and 95% were logged away by a few companies despite massive protests and resistance. Now that the trees are mostly gone the loggers are mostly unemployed. On the north coast where I live logging degraded the land and the streams, all but destroying the area's other two industries, fishing and tourism. The area is economically depressed while the rest of California is booming. Who benefited from destroying the rain forest, a priceless world treasure? Big money won. Everyone else on the planet lost.


Of course they signed it. What do they care that most of the people in both countries oppose it?

Same thing will happen with TPP. What big business wants, big business gets.


Well, sort of. The corporations get to sue for lost profits in a corporate friendly arbitration tribunal whllst the public can try suing the corporations in their national courts overcoming whatever impediments there might exist, now or in the future, that might make it an uphill battle.
And once it's too late for the planet, suing for money damages is worthless. Effective equitable relief may be beyond the jurisdiction of the court. Like how do you enjoin Mother Nature from letting the temperature and sea levels rise?


Justin Trudeau is just Stephen Harper with better hair and less clothing....but Steve-O still wins the award for strangest tweets.


Meet the old boss , same as the new boss.


I don't think Trudeau is actually anything more than another corporatist --

certainly don't think he's a liberal.

Am I wrong?


That was a tongue in cheek comment --


As I see it, they owe us for all of Nature and the planet -- and humanity now without a future.

What's the bill on that?

I think Congress used to occasionally ask that question, but never responded to -- but there is a
big bill due. Most of these corporations should be under arrest -- every CEO, executive who ever
worked for them -- and all of their wealth confiscated. We could use it to at least turn the world
right side up for a few years.


Yeah, not only will these isds clauses be effective to stop all further attempts by the people at implementing regulatory laws on corporations, but they will eliminate tptb's need to effect changes in the present regulations as they much prefer to reap their profits through suits rather than having to invest and work for them - just another trick authored by the oligarchs to siphon the wealth of taxpayers up into the filthy paws of these traitors. You can already hear their laughter at how easy it was to swindle the citizenry.


Well..... this sounds a bit different than what CD was reporting the last few weeks.....


That was before the Wallonian representatives were visited late at night by men in dark suits with a pair of pliars and a blowtorch.