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Canada Builds Border Camp for Asylum Seekers Fleeing US


Canada Builds Border Camp for Asylum Seekers Fleeing US

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Canada's military has troops assembling heated tents that will be capable of temporarily housing up to 500 asylum seekers who continue crossing into the country where it borders New York State.


Land of the Free…not under the watch of the demonc despot who calls himself prez-a-dunce. What a very sad commentary on the current state of our nation under his and his henchmen’s tyranny.


Possibly soon, many Americans may be seeking asylum in both Canada and Mexico. Better hurry before The Orange Mussolini decides a Northern wall is necessary to keep the populace in. Shades of The Berlin Wall.:no_pedestrians:


I had immigration to Canada before I did the US.
Should have kept it.
Regrets and woes. …


Land of the free??? Gee rub a few brain cells together and understand this article is about hundreds of Haitians refugees leaving the good old USA for Canada. I wonder why hundreds of Haitians are refugees here? You could google it but they messed with the searches for Hillary so might not get you to information about how Hill and Bill and the UN saved Haiti.


Making America grate again. Haven’t grated my teeth so much since the 1980s.


It’s been tried. Canada is currently are refusing applicants for refugee status from US citizens.


Trump’s base eats this up. Self-deportation is really a thing.

Sure hope ‘it’s her turn’ again 2020.

Then we can officially stick a fork in the D-party and mount a bold political assault from the left flank.


Perhaps you are not familiar with the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010:
220,000-316,000: estimates of the death toll vary

300,000: number of injured

1.5 million: people initially displaced

Read more here: 220,000-316,000: estimates of the death toll vary

300,000: number of injured

1.5 million: people initially displaced
(google Haiti Earthquake on CNN for more info)
In order to help the Haitians in 2010, President Obama allowed them to emigrate to the US without visas.

In 2016, after a six-year moratorium on deportations to Haiti, President Obama resumed those deportations as living/housing conditions in Haiti dramatically improved. Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article103373227.html

In any case, these are living, breathing human beings, after all.


Lots of countries have earthquakes. The people do not generally up and move else where. They rebuild Thanks to the help that they got their rivers are loaded with Cholera and thousands have died. Brought to you by the UN. Which also brings a culture of rape. Americans and people across the globe gave billions to help the people of Haiti. The red cross and Hill and Bill ran the operation from the get go of preventing Doctors without borders from going there to help. Follow the money.


The tragedy and poverty of Haiti both man-and nature-caused goes way beyond “Bill and Hill”. But at any rate, the issue is that Haitians should be welcome here as refugees and not forced to flee the US…


The good old Singh decision. Wait until more find out about it. All “asylum seekers” from the US are gonna swarm the Canadian border.


Also, the forgotten, totally devastating Hurricane Matthew last year. (And this seemingly “forgotten” article today about it):

And yes, Haiti was a social-economic-political catastrophe long before the Clintons…


They approved you once, you might still get enough points. Go for it…


Agree. However, we seem to have lost some civility, welcoming warmth, those open American arms. Or perhaps reality of our culture is floating to the surface at this time and it is an embarrassment. It does not help that our government has propagandized us hate certain others.


This is not the 1980’s. Ecology is giving humanity that message loud and clear.

Something more potent than grinding our teeth might be called for under these circumstances. And no, I’m not talking about violent revolution.

I’m talking about each person waking up to their True Consciousness, Force and Bliss. Accepting our complete Free Will–and our total responsibility for Life.

Unfortunately, it looks like most would rather wring their hands, gnash their teeth, and blame everyone else. As they watch the mushroom clouds bloom, they’ll still be analyzing how others’ actions led to this hideous outcome…

No one Knows what would happen if instead more of us recognized how we ourselves engage in variations on the same dominating and violent behaviors. If we put our analytical moxie toward understanding why we are predisposed to such behaviors, and how to grow the capacity to transform them. If we devoted more of our common resources to this effort than to showing how others are to blame.

We can say that it would be different.

Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

But of course, only the POTUS and his harem are insane. We the people can’t imagine why we are unjustly tormented by such villians…


If you haven’t read or watched The Handmaid’s Tale yet, it may be time to do so.


Moving video on this - right where it is happening.

Hundreds per day ?

Serious business.


Looks to me as though Canada was their second choice, even though they speak French and Canada has a French speaking province. Second choice doesn’t cut it. Send them back to Haiti!


Wonder if I can renounce my US citizenship in order to get in?