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Canada Condemns Saudi Executions, But Weapons Speak Louder Than Words



Looks like Trudeau is extending Harper's term just as Obama has extended Dubya's (actually Cheney's) term.


It's hypocrisy and the first terrible decision by our new PM Justin Trudeau that i know of. Maybe time to start a list eh.


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It still a Corporatist party and I fear even the NDP would have supported this sale. In fact the Union that makes these vehicles in Canada wanted NDP assurances the deal would not be blocked were the NDP in power.

Shame shame!


Shocking. Money wins again. Call the papers.

Well, now everyone gets to find out how much better neoliberalism is than outright fascism. I think they'll be surprised how incestuous the two are.


This is the way the Saudis buy Western complicity. And as courtesy they sand us their terrorist surplus.


Wow! Canada also needs leaders who can lead despite the blinding effect of dollar bills. Big disappointment among several this year. This is why there is so much bloodshed on this planet. And it will continue to flow - in the Middle East, in Africa, in South America, in South East Asia and in our own befuddled country until we all figure out that all weapons from guns up to those of mass destruction should all be sent to hell.

I'm in part thinking right now about what might happen in Harney County, Oregon with the recent eruption of the "Bundy" idiocy and its declaration that the federal government should not own land or be responsible for caring for it. I want these gun-toting dopes to understand that every last inch of federal land in this country is partially owned by me and I have designated the federal government to care for it in trust. for me and future generations - including Bundy babies, hopefully brighter than their parents on public trust laws,


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