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Canada Finally Launches Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women


Canada Finally Launches Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

Nika Knight, staff writer

Canada's federal government announced Wednesday that it will finally launch a long-awaited inquiry into the country's murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.

"The gravity of the crisis of violence against indigenous women in Canada demands a national inquiry."
—Liesl Gerntholtz, Human Rights Watch
Al Jazeera reports:


It about time and this inquiry had better look at instituionalized racism in the Police forces. They always tend to hide behind “Police have a difficult job to do” as an excuse for it.


It takes this long to act? Outright racism here in the US and Canada! First Peoples Indigenous women go missing continuously and hardly ever reported! How can this be? Courageous Indigenous women who are leading the fight for Justice, the fight against the hundreds of years of the colonial pillaging of sacred lands! Why must THEY do this? Now Our Mother, herself screams worldwide, in voices of her dying gasps - of global fires and floods, of diseases and forced emigrations due to pain and suffering brought by the forces of greed.

Why? Maybe these investigations, if watched like a hawk, will uncover those people who cower behind their corporate facades, who maybe will be brought to Justice for causing or allowing the conditions that foster the loss of precious Indigenous women. Families grieve and we grieve with you. We will prevail, if we want it to be so. If we fight back with Love and stay TOGETHER - One People with Justice and Liberty for all!


I live in Saskatchewan and as an outside observer; i find the treatment of natives here horrific. When I ask people around me why there is so much hatred for these people, they usually try to justify it with a lame ass “they are alcoholic bums” excuse. No one has a right to treat someone as subhuman because they are alcoholics.


Not so tolerant eh Canada? One thing is for certain. There are some higher ups that, over the many, many, many years even decades of these criminals acts having occurred, that need to be taken to task for not.


Here’s the link to the official UN ‘definition’ http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/documents/5session_factsheet1.pdf
It’s not quite the way you describe it.