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Canada Is in a Crisis of Epic Proportions


Canada Is in a Crisis of Epic Proportions

Pamela Palmater

It is critical to vote Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his ruling Conservative Party out of office on Monday. Canada is in a crisis of epic proportions and if Canadians don’t take action soon, the damage could soon be irreversible.


Thank you for the impassioned, informative article, Ms. Palmater.

I hope Harper is tossed out primarily due to this:

"Ironically, it was because of this peaceful social movement that Harper enacted Bill C-51 to criminalize dissent and make it an act of terror to interfere with infrastructure, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the economy."

And this:

"Will Canadians demand that environmental laws, processes, and protections be restored and enhanced with the assistance of scientists who are no longer muzzled? Will Canadians stand up for their own Charter of Rights and Freedoms and demand that basic democratic rights and liberties be restored?"

What happens to the Indigenous on Nature's front lines will happen to us all. I hope Canada's voters understand what's at stake and that they don't use electronic touch machines that have no paper trail. Harper is such a cheat it's not hard to imagine what nefarious tricks he could be up to...


There no electrnic voting machines used in Canada. It all paper ballots andonce a ballot cast one can be pretty sure it properly counted. The Conservatives have found ways to cheat though. This includes phone calls to constituents they know will not vote Conservative , to people telling them their polling location has changed and directing them to the wrong place.

How do they determine which voter will NOT vote Conservative?

They use those polling firms and extract information form them. I never answer thse phone polls.


Of course there's also been a fair amount of controversy over spoiled ballots this year, as well as polling stations set up for working class neighbourhoods running out of ballots. Hard to say with this kind of stuff how much is interference and how much is just bad planning. But it's interesting in and of itself the climate of suspicion and utter distrust exists towards this government.


Yes the running out of ballots is another trick they use. Spolied ballots is much harder as it easier for a third party to make a challenge on this and given the paper record it would go to a Judical recount.

The Bloc tried this in the referendum and it really hurt them long term.


Good article. Harper is a Bush-Cheney consequence. The Mexican government has similarly been corrupted as well. The transformation of Canada, IMO, is the consequence of Bush-Cheney's refusal to investigate the very suspicious events surrounding September 11, 2001. On the whole, any country touched by the world's greatest criminal enterprise, a.k.a, United States, is doomed as a progressive nation.


I have to differ with you. People like Harper, Obama, Cameron, Turnbull, Merkel, et. al. are the puppets. When they go they will be replaced by another puppet. Those responsible are the "Deep State"--CIA, FBI, NSA plus executive corporate creatures who run things on Wall St and the same executives who run transnational corporations.

Here is a quote from an article www.lewrockwell.com/2015/10/joachim-hagopian/divide-and-conquer. The author is a retired Army officer (grad-West Point) turned clinical psychologist.

"Last year globalist Peter Sutherland, former BP CEO, non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and active Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission member, speaking before the British House of Lords, candidly disclosed the globalist plan a full year ahead of today’s full blown crisis:

"The European Union should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states, because the future prosperity of many EU states depends on them becoming multicultural, [adding]… migration is a crucial dynamic for economic growth in some EU nations however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states."


If conservatives can't govern, why to people keep electing them?



I can tell you as a non-USAan, that's it's actually a little irritating when every political issue everywhere is reduced to side effect of U.S politics. The corporatist global system, which is represented by the Bushes and Harper and NAFTA, is not actually a "consequence" of Bush-Cheney. It's the other way around. It started long before Bush II. Bush-Cheney and their ilk around the world are products of the corporate subversion of democracies and it's a global phenomenon, not a U.S one.


Good artcile and this speaks in part to the "privilege of wealth" that so may overlook. As example the other day there a thread on Anderson Cooper and it was pointed out one of the Vanderbilt Clan. Some voices came to his defense pointed out he would not inherit any of that wealth.

This is immaterial. Just as with the older "established" families in Britain , those born to wealth in the USA have all manner of privileges and are groomed to power whether that means becoming a member of the CIA or a member of the mainstream media which is used to keep the people in their place.

Britan did in fact rid itself of the Crown at one point , that when King James beheaded and his offsrping fled to the Continent and Cromwell ran things. The problem was Cromwell and those that took over were just another facet of the same old power structure just as happened in the US revolution.

There never was a true peoples revolution with an overturn of the established order.


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Come on your Canuck politeness is getting in the way, it is more than a little irritating. USAn insularity and ignorance which occurs across the political spectrum can be pretty enraging.


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Harper's game plan for Canada sounds like the same one enacted in many red states in the US - e.g., those draconian laws cited in the article. I wonder if there have been any Canadian reps at ALEC meetings.

The author is correct, Canadians have lost their way under Harper. This is a great chance to boot him out of office.


Many conservatives who are members of the 1% are smart and devious, having learned from past fascists how to make the system work for them at the expense of the 99%.

With Harper having announced his carte blanche support for TPP during the past fortnight the upcoming election will test how many Canadians have a clue. If they vote the Harper/TPP ticket they will find they have far more to lose than murkins do.


Thank you for the clarification.


The system favors them. They have the money to mount campaigns that deceive those who do vote for them. And many of them have the cache to acquire face-time and the laudatory praise of a media captured by those who want these sycophants in positions of power in order to serve them... the 1%.


"An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." Conversely, a misinformed citizenry is likely to keep electing parties that are actually against their best interests. Simple.


With all the information at our fingertips, is there any excuse for the majority to be ignorant?


From the article:

"Canadians have been educated to believe that their civic duty lies entirely in voting. In fact, voting is the very least effort a citizen can make."

True that, and not just for Canadians. i wish everyone in the Common Dreams comment threads would let this truth sink in deep to our political understanding.

The main focus by commenters here is always on presidential elections.

We would do much better to focus on organizing ourselves and our lives, contesting power, and building what we want. Rather than arguing over voting for which "leader" is going to do the work for us.