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Canada Is Now Paying the Price for Privatizing Its Vaccine Research and Production Lab

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/01/canada-now-paying-price-privatizing-its-vaccine-research-and-production-lab


Shame one of those vaccines wasn’t for sociopathic greed


Well we certainly cannot blame the Liberals for what the Conservatives did!

This decision to privatize vaccine research really defeats the reasons for their development and I would guess the ethics now used as development. Sorry to know this how things are done now. The U.S. should national it’s pharmaceutical industry, most are multinational corporations. Problems are not limited to vaccines.

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Mulroney privatized a whole pile of businesses that were Government owned under that stupid neo-liberalism. This was coupled with the first of those Free trade deals .

It was basically surrendering the power of Government to the Corporations. It has been downhill since.

The worst of it though is none of the Parties really advocated for bringing any of these enterprises back under Government control. They all swallowed the Chicago School of economics kool-aid.


FYI: Ms. McQuaig’s book, “The Sport and Prey of Capitalists” has an entire chapter (5) about the Connaught Labs fiasco.

The rest of that book is about other privatization debacles, like the privatizing of Ontario Highway 407 (the Wikipedia article on this subject summarizes this).

The same things are happening in the U.S. Two examples are the privatization of the Chicago parking meters, and the Chicago Skyway (this road was sold to Canadian investors).

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