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Canada Needs A Progressive National Food Policy


Canada Needs A Progressive National Food Policy

Lois Ross

On February 27, when the federal budget is tabled, Parliament Hill will be buzzing as journalists try to read through and capture for their outlets the reality of what the 2018-2019 budget does -- and does not -- contain.

Among all of the important directions that the federal government needs to act on, there are two important items that I hope the budget will contain. And, of course, they revolve around agriculture and food.

Reinstatement of the prison farm system across Canada


It’s clear from this article that prison farms are ran much differently in Canada than the US (not a big surprise though). While theirs was run to benefit the prisoner, society, and the agricultural community, our system was designed to provide misery and profit.
While we chant “were # one”, and “USA,USA”, is there any country we could not learn from ?


As a retired former Canadian dairy farmer I’d like to say that farm life was a great livelihood choice for the attention deficient hyperactive person I once was. Now I’m just attention deficient. The problem with farming in Canada is the huge amount of capital required to even begin an enterprise. I worked for many years as a carpenter before accumulating enough to give it a shot finally at age 39. Although I never was a participant in any inmate worker program I have no doubt it could be great experience for such young people and might be life changing for many. Personally I think most farms have grown far too large to be enjoyable anymore. Maybe this might reverse a bit in future, allowing more young people to consider it as a life.