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Canada Resistance to Iraq War Resisters Must End


Canada Resistance to Iraq War Resisters Must End

Craig Scott

The time has come for Prime Minister Trudeau to allow American deserters who resisted the war begun in Iraq by the U.S. and the U.K. in 2003 to stay in Canada. During the election, he signalled this was where his moral instincts lay. Unfortunately, so far his Liberal government is not showing leadership on this issue.


Trudeau's visit to the Obama White House certainly included a discussion of this issue after Obama made sure Trudeau would be zealously backing TPP and TTIP.

Recall that all of us Viet Nam era draft dodgers, including those who fled to Canada, were potential felons until Jimmy Carter granted amnesty during his first month in office in 1977. During his two terms, Obama and his Party have distanced themselves from the Carter Administration as they laud Raygun and compare themselves to him.


It´s time for Canadians in more ways than one to stand against the Imperial Empire of the United States. We are not Yankees and never have been and yet Harper and now Trudeau are jumping on the War platform and the trade platform of the Empire. TPP is the sale of Canadian sovereignty and the war attitude goes against everything Canadian Peace Keepers fought for. Obviously Justine Trudeau is trying to compensate for some deeper feeling of his own insecurity and we the Canadian people will be used to make him feel like a bigger man. Enough Trudeau!!!!!!!! We will not be dragged into Corporate wars for profit for you or anyone else.


"Canada should be a refuge from militarism," Pierre Trudeau. Justin will never be no Pierre, not even close. Justin does not have the cojones!