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Canada’s Founding Myths Hold Us Back from Addressing Climate Change


Canada’s Founding Myths Hold Us Back from Addressing Climate Change

Naomi Klein

It has been one year and one week since a coalition of dozens of organizations and artists launched The Leap Manifesto, a short vision statement about how to transition to a post-carbon economy while battling social and economic injustice.

A lot has changed: a new federal government, a new international reputation, a new tone around First Nations and the environment. But when it comes to concrete action on lowering emissions and respecting land rights, much remains the same.


Naomi Klein may be the most enlightened and intelligent human being on earth.
As you can probably tell I very much respect Ms. Klein. Unfortunately she's much to ethical and smart to ever run for president.


Excellent article. The point about infinite wilderness holds true to this day.

In commenting on turning lakes in Northern BC into tailings ponds for industry those promoting the scheme in fact stated Canada has lots of lakes and can afford to destroy a few.

The same points are made on our boreal forest. The industry people claim it the largest intact boreal forest in the world so there nothing wrong with taking parts of it down to get at the riches underneath.

They in fact call all of this life "overburden"


With all due respect, you forgot to mention that she's also 'beautiful' and very easy to love. She's tremendously powerful as she is right now; why would we want to turn her into a government bureaucrat?

BTW: I get the IMHO part of your moniker but what's the TEP part mean?


"...shud..." should be should, Mr Engineer!


At least she can spell should and at least she can spell Champagne.

You can do neither.

Please give a list of the books you have written . I will give them a read and compare your "academics".


It is clear you have never read her books, or if you have, that you didn't understand them.


She's also Canadian.


Haha. Go away.


Imhotep was an actual person. He lived about 2630 BCE. He built the first and the largest stone building in recorded history up to that time, the Step Pyramid. He was the first recognized genius, the first doctor, the first Mason and the first demigod (the Christ was the second).
He came from humble beginnings and rose to be the Pharaoh's top guy.
So the IMHO is as you assume and the TEP completes his name. Some things are just an interesting twist of fate.


I'll bet you're a Hillary supporter aren't you?


I'm not convinced there is much difference between Canada and the US on the way indigenous people and the environment are treated but otherwise I agree with Ms Klein's analysis.


And what have you done to help the planet?


Oh no, it sounds like Canada has caught a bad case of US Greed. I am so sorry! I wish there was vaccine!


Greed is worldwide in its reach. Exploitation for profits/greed is insatiable and they will not be contained until all groups/nations of people unite.


One has to bear in mind that all of the Americas, from Canada on down into what are now known as the Central and South American (or Latin) Countries, were inhabited by Native Americans, or American Indians, (whichever one care to call them.), prior to the Europeans having come from the Old World and settled into those lands, thereby chasing away, displacing and killing off, and otherwise decimating much, if not most of the Native American population(s), who were the original inhabitants, and putting the remaining ones onto reservations, where they had access to nothing.

The Canadians and the South/Central Americans were no less cruel to the Native Americans or the Environment than the United States has been, either,


However, a political ticket of Naomi Klein and Arundhati Roy would be impressive.


Naomi Klein deserves to be respected for opening doors to important information and revealing analysis about the present situation under neo-capitalism. She makes valuable efforts to educate and to offer support to humanity in these corrupted times. Long may she continue to be courageous and appreciated. Her 'Shock Doctrine' should be required reading for anyone interested in her views on the above subject. Indigenous peoples have rights to land and must be supported by all to place a barrier to extractive policies and to attempt to amend behaviour that has financially benefited others at their expense. Our values should be applied to our neighbour first.


Awesome! But Arundhati Roy is Indian, no?


If someone becomes a politician they should immediately come under suspicion.
Because they are clearly not playing with a full deck.