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Canada’s Huawei Arrest Lending Support to Rogue U.S. Behavior


Canada’s Huawei Arrest Lending Support to Rogue U.S. Behavior

Linda McQuaig

The phrase “rule of law” has a nice, lofty ring to it, so it’s not surprising that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is invoking it to defend Canada’s detention of a Chinese business executive.

But while one can imagine many reasons why Canada decided to co-operate with the U.S. request to extradite Meng Wanzhou, it’s doubtful that the desire to uphold the “rule of law” was one of them.

In fact, what Canada is really doing is lending support to rogue and reckless behaviour by the Trump administration.


While Linda McQuaig is admired and respected by academics, main establishment figures see her as a threat and someone who would bring accountability and democracy to Canada and the U.S. her analysis is spot on, but to think that Canada would make a stand against the U.S., is fool hardy under the current leadership of the Liberals in Canada. Trudeau will not antagonize the U.S. even if it means that he is on the wrong side of history.


Earlier, someone in CommonDreams spoke of the tendency of the Trump government - or perhaps that of the Deep State? - to indulge in projection: accusing others of intending and doing exactly what the US itself has been doing to others. For example, it wasn’t too long ago when the National Security Agency (NSA) invaded Huawei’s servers in Shenzhen, China, as reported by The New York Times in March 2014.


By DAVID E. SANGER and NICOLE PERLROTH March 22, 2014 As the United States made a public case about the dangers of buying from Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, classified documents show that the National Security Agency was creating its own back …


Good thing that Julian Assange is holed up in an embassy in the UK rather than Canada. The RCMP would probably storm the embassy to extradite him.


Come one, Come all
Be merica’s best friend
But remember to be despicable
you’re competing with a nation the saws folks apart while they are alive


Justy is wise to appease the fascist failed state to his south. Trumps MIC handlers are looking to deplete the pile of weapons they were hoping to use in Syria. Ottawa, is as good as Damascus. Enemies can be conjured anywhere in order to fill politicians pockets.