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Canada’s New Climate Movement


Canada’s New Climate Movement

Naomi Klein

This is an edited version of a speech that given by Naomi Klein on May 21st in downtown Toronto, at a press conference announcing the upcoming March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate on July 5. Video of Naomi’s full speech is also included below.


“We’re tired of being tired and ready to be inspired.”

Naomi Klein - thank you for the years of nurturing the critique and the passion - your contributions to setting a launch pad so broad and inclusive. The years themselves chronicle the legitimacy of the work.

Idle No More - thank you to so many known and unknown native people for the centuries of holding true against all odds - may the coalitions always hold the integrity of the creation as central with ongoing love and astute long term vision.


Apparently not tired of wasting 90% of food for humans by feeding it to animals and then eating the animals. Not a word about personal responsibility and following an ethical diet free of animal products. Why do environmentalists continue to ignore the most effective action that any person can take? These self-satisfied phony environmentalists will be eating hamburgers after their march.


Talk at UC San Diego in March of this year that provides a historical overview of ‘freedom’ particularly from the context of indigenous peoples