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Canada Scrambles to Put Together National Climate Plan, But May Sign COP21 Without One


Canada Scrambles to Put Together National Climate Plan, But May Sign COP21 Without One

Nika Knight, staff writer

Canada's approach to tackling climate change grows ever more confused as the federal government scrambles to sign the Paris climate accord in early November—without actually putting forth a national plan to limit the country's soaring carbon emissions.


Alberta also recently elected the NDP party to power, one that years ago was once a party of the far left.

It has since become just another big business as usual party.

All of our major political parties are now under the control of the Corporations.


A Liberal dose of doublespeak


Actually, our country, Canada has a dismal record when it comes to following through on various matters. Our human rights are a shambles, our relations with foreign entities are only as good as the profits dictate, and quite frankly I am still trying to figure out when having ones head stuck up ones butt became fashionable for all 4 political 'parties'. Then I remember that, oh right, that's what politicians are about. Just the 'party'. The invites and the bling.

Oh hold on...
I just remembered something from our Canadian Constitution. It specifically states in not so many words that the right to liberty is the concept of each person may do any actions that do not harm people or property.
Is my current Canadian Liberal Government, like the last Canadian Harper Government operating in contempt of the constitutional law?
In Canada, criminal offences require two elements of proof: harm and fault. The oil industry meets, even succeeds these qualifiers.
I am beginning to think my current Canadian Liberal Government lied to its, nope scratch that, lied to the electorate a year and so ago...