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Canada to End 'Vengeful' Bombing in Iraq and Syria This Month


Canada to End 'Vengeful' Bombing in Iraq and Syria This Month

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Canada will end its bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria this month and refocus its efforts in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) on supporting long-term stability in the region, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday.


Ending Canada’s dead-end part in the the bombing of Syria is a good start for Justin! Cooperation with Kurdish forces is also welcome - screw what Erdogan thinks!

The Kurds have been the best at countering the crimes and depravity of Daesh/IS but have again been attacked by Turkey/Erdogan in Turkey’s obsession with oppression/repression of Kurdish aspirations for statehood, or at least a measure of home rule. Repairing western betrayal of Kurdish aspirations after WWI, now scattered in parts of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran, and a state of their own is long overdue,


This is a good start and a great example for the world. While campaigning for election, Obama promised to close Guantanamo and bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Nearly at the end of his two-term presidency nothing has been accomplished as “cleared” men held in Cuba languish in those torture camps and troops are still on the ground in those two countries along with at nearly 1,000 bases and outposts outside the US, while death drones constantly harass desparate civilians in many countries around the world; and by the way, countries over which there is no declaration of war. It is time to see the so-called coalition of the willing fade into the sunset. Possibly Canada’s move is the beginning.


Trudeau isn’t ending Canada’s military actions in the region, merely changing the approach. “It will also deploy additional troops to the region…” The article says there will be an increase of troops to 200, but the actual numbers are much greater. “Trudeau said while Canada will pull its six fighter jets from the bombing mission, it will also triple, from 69, the number of Canadian Forces members helping train local ground troops to fight ISIS in northern Iraq. It will also increase by 230 the 600 Canadian Armed Forces members deployed as part coalition mission.” (CBC) Those are significant increases. Trudeau is simply continuing a Liberal Party tradition of making progressive claims for reactionary/neo-liberal/militarist actions.


By the way, this is a shoddy article. Commondreams should be just as tough on Canada as it is on the US. Pretending that Canada isn’t a militaristic entity just because there’s a good-looking dude as Prime Minister (or whatever the reason) is not helpful. The author should actually read the press release, not just echo the PM’s spin.


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I agree. Saying that Canada will “defend its interests” in the region is a huge red flag. What the heck could their “interests” possibly be if not controlling oil supplies. What sanctimonious BS. Although I am sure the people of the region will be glad for a small reduction in the violence and havoc being inflicted upon them by the western hemisphere.


Thanks for the link, it reads like a modern bill of rights.


You grew my world, thanks…