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Canada, US Unveil Plan to Slash Methane Emisions, but Where's the Ban on Fracking?


Canada, US Unveil Plan to Slash Methane Emisions, but Where's the Ban on Fracking?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Canada and the United States announced on Thursday joint plans to tackle climate change including slashing methane emissions—a decision welcomed by environmental groups who charge that President Barack Obama still has more steps to take to protect communities and secure a legacy as a climate leader.


Seeing how Obama and Trudeau are zealously promoting TPP and the other “trade” deals that transfer judicial authority from governments to corporations, these actions will make their bases feel good at best. They know that these actions will result in their governments being sued by corporations and the corporate tribunals enabled by the deals will effectively nullify these actions.


Only if Sanders becomes president will we have even a chance of a fracking ban.

Calif. governor Jerry Brown (self-proclaimed climate champion) continues to allow fracking, even though
it’s been proven to cause quakes in Oklahoma and Ohio, where seismic activity was previously non-existent.
And, of course, Calif. has the largest seismic faults in the country.

Not that that makes any difference.


Different guy, SOS. The cartels have us by the short hairs and are going to suck this planet dry. We are being controlled by sociopaths. I don’t mean the people they let us elect but the judge created persons that are immortal and have no thoughts, no moral compass, no sense of value except the bottom line. The corporate psyche is a sterile wasteland. They do not deserve a voice because they have no thought.
I suppose in a future to far in the future to contemplate some descendant of a creature now living will discover huge metal boxes and eventually find a way to open a few. I wonder if they will recognize what all those bits of paper were for. who knows it may even be a descendent of Homo Idiotus.


Dear Misleader’s “climate legacy” will be one of misdirection, fingers crossed firmly behind his back, while these green groups pathetically pine to bestow “the mantle of climate leadership” on him, haplessly hoping for the change that will always languish from his like.


If we chose to think about it, we’d say with certainty that the act of fracking releases methane into the earth’s atmosphere.

A certain percentage of fracked methane wells are “dry holes”. Why are they dry? Is it because there never was any methane down there? I don’t think so!

Fracking drillers walk a fine line at the very edge of overfracking and getting a dry hole. A dry hole means that 100% of the methane went up into the sky by its own alternative escape route and none went into the pipe.

One clear sign that huge volumes of methane are being released from bad wells is satellite pictures of methane concentrations.

A hole at the edge of going dry will often release methane into people’s drinking water. The released methane seeps and bubbles through the earth until it comes up somebody’s well. The well owner can then light their drinking water on fire.

The Porter Ranch, California disaster was caused by a gas company running a gas storage facility at the edge of disaster, to get as much storage as possible. Eventually a well casing failed under the pressure.

The solution is simple: for the health of the earth, don’t frack at all.


In the US “Self proclaimed climate champions” are a dime a dozen.


Good thing that some of them put boots on the ground and occasionally achieve results, against very high odds.


Well said.

Corporations are convenient legal fictions. Humans created them, humans can dismantle or amend them.

They are not motherf*cking asteroids, after all.


Only Bernie will Ban fracking!!! Vote for Bernie Sanders to save the planet!!! Feel the Bern!!! voteforbernie.org


The most salient question is, where’s the animal agriculture ban?

As long as animal agriculture persists, we’re toast.


As large as that Porter ranch catastrophe was there are hundreds of smaller escapes of methane from smaller wells which when added together dwarf Porter Ranch in emissions.


The article should say the “goal” is a 40-45% reduction, not the plan. I don’t read much about an actual plan to attain the goal at all.

And raydelcamino is correct - Obama and Trudeau are pushing the TPP which if passed will render this effort moot.


Talks cheap - both Obama & Trudeau are married to big-oil&gas. Obama will never fight for a fracking ban. “Environmental groups say President Obama squandered the best opportunity he had to tighten regulations on the process of hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas” -

Obama hasn’t fought for much of anything, except gift big-profits to the health-care industry & big-pharma, the war machine/surveillance-state, bankers-Wall Street and corporate greed - the “free-trade” deal scams he is fighting-for along with his RepubliCon allies!
Obama’s “Justice” Dept & AG Holder have been a dismal failure - one could say complicit - with criminals who profited from bringing-down millions of American families!

The Clintons and Obama are cut from the same DLC/DINO cloth…

“No major Wall Street executive went to jail for the illegal actions that precipitated the financial crisis, despite a mountain of documentary evidence of fraud. Corporations and their employees got away with what amounted to slaps on the wrist.”
“AG Holder served as a deputy in the Clinton Justice Department - created the “collateral consequences” policy, arguing that prosecutors who seek criminal cases against large companies (should) seek alternative remedies, such as fines and deferred prosecution agreements.”


While identifying a problem and developing a plan to solve it are definitely major steps to finding a solution it is not the end of what must be done. Our leadership has been pretty good at ferreting out what the problems actually are because these are usually pretty obvious. What our "leadership has difficulty is the pesky execution thingy. You would think that fracking would be an easy fix. Just stop doing it. The product is dangerous, deadly, and destructive. It can be and is mishandled and dangerous to use, breathing it will suffocate you then the gas will explode.and escaped gas contributes to climate change. The solution is rather simple, leave this stuff where it is. But wait, there’s more. People are making wads of money, mining , transporting, storing, and selling this stuff. Millions have been spent on expectation of large profits and it is cleaner burning than any other combustion material except hydrogen which when burned produces only purest water.
So now we see that while the problem and solution is quite simple there are a lot of people who will not make the money they expect and will tear the face off of anyone getting in their way. Enter the projection. the big stall, the twenty year plan, We don’t need no stinkin twenty year plan, we need a three year plan and the actual drilling more holes can be stopped today. It is greed, laziness, narrow minded thinking and lack of control of corporate power because of the buying of political clout that is the real problem and that must be overcome before our civilization collapses and all those apocalyptic movies predictions are realized. Jules Verne was science fiction once yano…


I can’t disagree with you.


Reporter Andrea Germanos refers to criticisms that “President Barack Obama still has more steps to take to protect communities and secure a legacy as a climate leader”.

This “criticism” is surely one of the most outrageous understatements of the year and fails to come close to representing the horrific reality of the worst President in the past sixty years.

The self-enamored, inept, bankster-serving, chickenhawk warrior has already clearly defined the tragic legacy he will long be reviled for, which includes (but is not limited to) evisceration of the U.S. Constitution and systematic undermining of the Bill of Rights, fierce prosecution of government whistleblowers, the institutionalization of illegal, universal domestic surveillance, the normalization of drone terrorism around the globe, the institutionalization of the use of torture both domestically and abroad, and the waging of undeclared Presidential wars that violate not only the Constitutional separation of powers, but also fundamental international agreements like the UN Charter, which does not permit Obama-style, unprovoked wars of aggression of the kind we have seen in Libya and Syria, to mention only a couple of the many targets of illegal U.S. aggression under the totalitarian Obama.

Obama is a dedicated servant of Wall St and MIC interests, acting most often to violate the interests of the 99% and immiserate the broad masses of his fellow countryman.

And this guillotinable traitor is going to establish a climate change legacy in the final months of his reign of totalitarian, lawless terror? You must be psychotic!

Bummer I the Maleficent belongs on the scaffold, dangling from the hangman’s rope.


I’d say Obama has been a fairly mediocre President who came in with the promise of change but did not follow through. He kept the status quo. When ranking presidents, you clearly omitted W Bush - far worse than Obama.


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