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Canada's Complicity in the Saudi-Yemen War


Canada's Complicity in the Saudi-Yemen War

Shenaz Kermalli

The richest country in the Arab region wasted no time quoting their American arms dealers when they declared an end to their bombing campaign on the poorest Arab country last month.


Canada under Harper is becoming America’s version of Belarus - a friendly little country willing to go a bit more rightwing than its powerful neighbor.


This trend is hardly reserved for just Canada and the U.S.


Meanwhile blowhard f$%#s in congress exclaim that Iran is “The worst country in the world” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) and the “largest sponsor of terrorism.” Conspiracy theories flourish where secrecy and lies abound, and there I would sooner consider the whispers on the Arab street than all the portrayals of the mouthpieces of the west.