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Canada's Plan to Ban Single-Use Plastics and Make Corporations Resposible for Waste Welcomed as 'Step in the Right Direction'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/10/canadas-plan-ban-single-use-plastics-and-make-corporations-resposible-waste-welcomed

The Liberal Party of Canada is famous for campaigning to the Left then afterwards governing to the Right.


A good way to rid the country of single-use plastics is to end the use of fossil fuels needed to create them Canada under Trudeau and his Conservative Party predecessor has completely opposing policies to this position.


There a surge in support for Green initiatives from the Public in Canada. The Liberals fear the taint of SNC Lavalin will lead to their defeat next election. They know they are not going to steal much in the way of votes from the right away from Scheer so have to make inroads with NDP or Green Party supporters.

This is why third and fourth parties can be made to work.


The way Food in this Country is packaged is disgusting. Banishing All Petro- based wrapping material would put an impact on the entire Fossil Industry, just as plastic particles have put an impact in our bodies. I can not believe how archaic we are to accept this. Burgas in Styrofoam must go! Our Politicians will probably say …by 2050 we will try to figure something out. We will all be Balloons by then.


OK. What a great country. Meanwhile their strip mines and pipelines are polluting and destroying natural habitat on every corner of the planet.


No single use plastics and get plastic away from our food. Phthalates in plastics are endocrine disruptors.


Containers of all shapes and sizes for food and drinks must be made from Hemp.

Safe, clean, and completely biodegradable within months.


This Canadian supports the idea and practice. Canadians do have choices…Corporations want to externalize our choice so they don’t have to responsible for the recycling. Capitalism has no morals or ethics. Let’s try Canadian Socialism.

Mr. Blair M. Phillips
St. Catharines,Ontario
CCF Socialist

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Deceptive packaging is another huge waster of materials. Pharmaceuticals, candy, tons of packaged products, half-full or less.

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The 10 studies quoted show clearly that #1 plastic bottles leach endocrine disrupting phthalates into their contents. Why the article title says “may” is beyond me.

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Early press releases included single use plastic bottles on the list, but more recent releases omit them, doubtless a bow to the bottled water and soft drink (and fruit juices and alcoholic beverages) industries. But they gotta go too!


If only coalition governments were “allowed” in Canada…

They are. Here in BC we have a coalition of the NDP and the Green Party. The NDP is “Greener” than it would have been with a straight majority.

At the Federal level we have had a handful of coalition Governments as well albeit the last was some time ago.

Damn! I was hoping this was going to be about a proposal that corporations become totally responsible for the trash they create (when they sell their products) such that, the plastic packaging material you buy their products in, have a way you can put them in an envelope provided (with postage already taken care of), and put it in a nearby mailbox and the USPS will deliver that packaging material back to the manufacturer. And then they get to deal with what to do with all their package material…

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Great concept, if only it were feasible.