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Canada's Plan To Make Boycotting Israel a 'Hate Crime' Is Stupid and Counterproductive


Canada's Plan To Make Boycotting Israel a 'Hate Crime' Is Stupid and Counterproductive

Robert Fisk

I’ve never been keen on boycotts. The one against Italy for invading Abyssinia didn’t work. Nor did the arms blockade on Spain. I’m still not sure that boycotting South Africa really brought down apartheid. I rather suspect that the old racists simply realised they were hopelessly outnumbered by the blacks of South Africa and that the game was up.


This and the almost unnoticed wave of anti-disparagement laws that are appearing all over the world are part of a plan to eliminate all freedom of speech (except of course freedom of speech for the ruling class). Most Americans, trapped in the American dream/god-fearing/me first mind-set of modern culture won’t even notice when the prison population reaches ten million (most of which will be political prisoners). Such is the result of the media becoming corporate propaganda and brainwashing 24 hours a day…


Watch Finkelstein interviewed on the Real News posted today (while you can as ahimsa72 alludes). Then please proceed to boycott Israel.


I read the other day England was about to pass or did pass a law similar to this one. How long before the Rat Bastards in Congress do the same thing?


Well, that’s it.

I’m never going back to Canada again if they pass anti-free speech stuff like this. Or North Carolina since it’s illegal to talk about sea level rise. Or Austria, since it’s illegal to discuss history there, unless you agree with their version of it.

Next up is an attempt to regulate criticism of the rulers.

Boycott McDuck’s, Bigbucks Coffee and Tom and Jerry’s Ice Cream. BDS!


I abhor this Canadian bill as much as anybody, but in a strange and more distant way it can be seen as a hopeful sign, as it tells me that the ruling class is being forced to show its true oppressive nature in a way that it didn’t need to just a few years back when the population was more dormant.


Signs and symbolism are important
The star of david is increasingly becoming one of oppression.


I haven’t researched it yet, so don’t know if it’s actually the case, but I read the other day that one of the amendments added to the fast-track bill does just that–criminalizes BDS actions.