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Canada's Support for Trump Administration's Venezuela Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/23/canadas-support-trump-administrations-venezuela-policy


Really I do not see why the issue needs to be debated. There no justification for the actions of Canada whatsoever.

About the only thing worse then a bully is those tag along types that hang out with the Bully.


We are ‘good Germans’.

Now we know what that feels like.


When you wrote this I thought you meant the article was hedging its stance and giving some arguments for sanctions. But the article is unequivocal as is the open letter quoted:

“Why is Canada involved in efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s UN-recognized government, a clear violation of the principle of non-intervention in other country’s internal affairs?”

The language may be diplomatic (not a bad idea sometimes) but the stance is definitive.

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Why is Canada involved in efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s UN-recognized government, a clear violation of the principle of non-intervention in other country’s internal affairs?”

Because they do as they are told! As does Nato.

Pretty simple.


I was referring to the last paragraph in question where she suggested Canadians should debate this issue.

I agree with everything the author says. I am just suggesting there is no “other side” of the argument that would suggest a debate in order.


Maduro, like Chavez, Morales, Allende have/had the wrong priority, the People, which conflicts with that of the Owners (see the late great George Carlin for specificity).


The US regime, regardless which party is pulling the strings, bully’s other governments for support or pay the price. Those so pressured either cave completely or are cravenly weak and timid in complicity. Such seems to be the case with the wanker lackey in Ottawa who has consistently complied with trump regime threats as others have, rather than stand-up for Canada and target nations.
US economic “sanctions” are a weapon of war - an attack to bend and break the target nation and its people, man, woman, and child, like Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran, et al, who chart their own course according to their principles and goals that are opposed by capitalist and/or racist ideology and pressure from corporate greed that wants access and economic or resource domination and exploitation- as in times past and present!
I place the BDS Free Palestine movement in a separate class that stands for freedom, not slavery.


Canada’s " whiteness " is showing up in these efforts to re-colonize the Global South, especially regarding the Western Hemisphere.
Ah, poor Canada… reluctantly yoking itself to The White Man’s Burden, yet again. " Oh the horror, the horror ". ( Doing my Brando shtick )
It must be hard to be a white dude in Canada right now. Almost as hard as being a Dumpster Diving Trumpster Fanboy and white male in America, currently.
Remember White Canadians: shoot the old men, women and children of the Americas, first. Why change the formula if it isn’t spoiled yet, right?

Canada in fact played a lead role in establishing the Lima Group of countries plotting
against Venezuela’s government – after the U.S. couldn’t get a majority vote through
the Organization of American States. (Much of the opposition came from the Caribbean,
small nations that apparently value their sovereignty.)

The lead player in Canada’s attack on Venezuela was (and probably still is) Chrystia
Freeland, then the foreign minister and now deputy prime minister. She appointed
former Liberal justice minister Irwin Cotler as her chief anti-Venezuela strategist.

Cotler is Canada’s version of Alan Dershowitz: a lawyer who claims to support
civil rights but is so pro-Israel there’s little room for Palestinian rights. And now he
cooks up pseudo-legal tactics to make Venezuelans suffer. One difference, though:
he hasn’t – so far – been revealed as a close associate of Jeffrey Epstein.


Which is criminal - on both counts. Justin & Freeland are, unfortunately, mere puppets.

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Well said. Thanks.


Canada needs a simple solution “A made in Canada Foreign policy”. What happens if Trump demands that Canada go along with sanctions against Cuba? I know defying Trump is dangerous but that jack-wagon will be gone on Jan 20 2021. Canada should only go along with UN mandated sanctions. If NATO dutifully follows more another idiotic American foreign policy blunders Canada should leave NATO.

It’s clear that the Democratic “Blue Crush” will sweep idiot Trump and his servile henchmen the Republicans from power but it will be a very rough ride for the USA.

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Others are helping Trump be more brazen.
Elon Musk suggests that we do coups whenever we want.

Maybe we shouldn’t listen to billionaires, as eccentric as they are.

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