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Canadian Candidate's Call to Leave Tar Sands 'In the Ground' Pilloried by Right and Left


Canadian Candidate's Call to Leave Tar Sands 'In the Ground' Pilloried by Right and Left

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Going where few Canadian leaders dare to tread, author and political candidate Linda McQuaig set off a political firestorm this weekend by suggesting that much of the Alberta tar sands should be left "in the ground" if the country has any hope of achieving its climate change targets.


Is Naomi Klein in McQuaig’s riding? She needs to come to her defense.


I think it is great. It is long over due that we support politicians with the courage to say, and then hopefully follow it up with legislation, based on the best available information.


It’s time that those who screech that anyone supporting green energy is “anti-Alberta” be challenged with the counter-narrative that it is actually more damaging in the long run for the people of Alberta to allow those crooks to exploit and trash their environment. And that of the planet. Short sighted, greedy little monsters.


It is highly encouraging and uplifting when a ‘voice’ speaks for the truth about the dire situation facing our planet. Hooray for this person who would rather not lie to the children of the future just to make a buck now (in canadian money, of course :innocent:).

Wish we had more like her here.


This is all smoke and mirrors. The fact is that the Tories were repudiated at the ballot box and as a result lost control of the legislature in Alberta. They have nobody but themselves to blame for their mismanagement of the province’s affairs and now they are desperate to change the subject away from their own ineptitude by hurling accusations of “anti Alberta” at an opposition party member.
Go NDP! It’s just too bad that neither Tommy Douglas nor Jack Layton (former national NDP leaders) lived to see their party gain control of the government in Alberta. It is the Canadian equivalent to Ronald Reagan signing the bill authorizing Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday as a national holiday.


But if you read the article, the NDP (no doubt especially the Alberta Provincial NDP) is for unlimited oil sands extraction too.

I seem to me that with its largely CO2 free nuclear**, hydropower, and Feed-in-tariff leveraged renewable electric power and Toronto’s excellent, largely electric, public transit system, Ms. McQuaig should point out that most people in her center-city Toronto riding are living just fine burning very little oil at all.

**Note that being anti-nuclear power is not de rigueur among the left in Canada like it is in the US


One of the talking-heads on one of Sundays propaganda parrot shows said roughly that “Idealism is not viable for today’s political environment”. If “idealism” is not viable in today’s world we had better search-out people who reject this hideous notion - a vision of corporate/vulture capitalist domination of our world pushed by lost souls like the zero who said this. Linda McQuaig is one such apparently and we owe her our allegiance. If we allow public figures who have the integrity/moral compass and courage to take-on the powers that be, and the lumpen public, we all fail our responsibility. If we do not speak-out loudly against shills and nay-sayers who seek to divide us, we fail our responsibilities. Politicians who reject Corpocrat and Republican’t servile bots must be supported loudly with courage and with our few dollars each. Only in unity may we create change.


Go Linda McQuaig! Brave and inspirational to simply speak the plain truth, from a “respected” position!

We need more and more people stepping forward in a chorus of truth, from everywhere. Take the risks!

Because the risk of silence or “realistic” complicity is crystal clear: Continue on the superhighway to omnicide.


Like the abandoned mines in the USA, Alberta tar sand niggers will make out with billions in profits leaving behind a mess that will endanger life on earth but by the time we look for them they will have long changed their identities and will have morphed into other beastly creatures.


Yunzer the point of my comment is that this entire flap has very little to nothing to do with tar sands–just like the endless wedge issues raised by Republicans, being “anti-Alberta” is an attempt to change the subject from Tory mismanagement of Canada nationhally and in the provinces where it has control to a witch hunt of scurrilous personal attack. The NDP (sadly not what it ought to be) is gaining in popularity nationally and the Tories have only themselves to blame for the situation.


Boycott almost everything that is frivolous… as for driving, If I boycott driving, I wouldn’t be able to go to work,as I live 36 miles from my job… If I could change jobs… which, at anyone point I will when I find something that will work… HOWEVER, I have a big idea … debt forgiveness for mortgages if one gets a land grant to grow food for their community. This should help anyone like me have an alternative… to driving… if I could get that deal, I’d give up my car in a heart beat…I am already a gardener… on a pretty good scale… but, since I am out to work 40 hours a week, and drive that distance plus… because the job entails driving… and I still have a teen at home… it is hard for me to “do it up”… I do some… but not enough… and my home isn’t “sustainable” like I’d like it to be… but I 'll keep pluggin along and do my best… but, it sure would be great, if leaders would be smart enough to be proactive on the climate front. We cannot change our situation, if we do not change our structure. This government is “waiting for the market” to have people switch over to some other energy system… and then, they are willing to wait for power companies to switch, then they are waiting till all the fossil fuel companies get done with their law suits… OMG… Really, we’ll all be drown, scorched, or starved by then…


Congratulations to Linda McQuaig for making this inconvenient truth an election issue and starting a discussion about the elephant in the room. Too bad her party leader has not had the guts to speak truth to power as is needed. In view of the fact that the mainstream parties all support more pipeline construction, including the N.D.P. it is not surprising that he did not stand behind her. Climate change and Canada’s role in it must become an election issue. Let’s talk about the elephant!


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If only the poison could be buried as deeply as the truth


Ha!! Oh, darn… forgot I just can’t say “Ha!!!”…


Indeed. Before anybody reflexively starts calling Weaver names, he is as advertised somebody both knowledgeable and concerned about AGW, and the numbers he’s quoting are in agreement with what others have estimated in the past.

"tar sands under active development: would add 0.01°C to world temperatures.
economically viable tar sands reserve: would add 0.03°C to world temperatures.
entire tar sands oil in place which includes the uneconomical and the economical resource: would add 0.36°C to world temperatures
total unconventional natural gas resource base: would add 2.86°C to world temperatures
total coal resource base: would add 14.8°C to world temperatures

In other words, the global warming potential of the Alberta tar sands, and in fact all global conventional and unconventional oil reserves, pale in comparison with the potential from coal and unconventional natural gas. This does not mean the tar sands get a “get out of jail free” card. They represent the largest source of greenhouse gas emission growth in Canada and are the single largest reason Canada is failing to meet it’s international climate commitments and failing to be a climate leader."

i’m not allowed to post a link, so you’ll have to google where he says that.


Check out the photos at this link:

Tar Sands are Harper’s holy icon. To accuse Linda McQuaig of being anti-Alberta reminds me of the Inquisition. Idiocy.

Also, put into the equation: pipeline bursts, ocean tar (which is hell to clean up as it sinks) besides the devastation visible already. Note the map with the green dot representing the area already ransacked and the red line indicating future striping. Your venerable Green Party candidate may (and I emphasize ‘may’) have his numbers crunched but I’ve heard that by the time Mr H gets his ports and pipelines built, the market will be gone, so let’s KEEP IT IN THE GROUND.



It is Alberta that is being torn apart and poisoned by the tar sands.


I was trying to convince myse;f to shift my vote from Green to the NDP.

Given the NDP response to Ms McQuaig I no longer feel comfortable doing so. Ms Mcquaig is one of the NDPS star candidates and for them to throw her under the bus shows to me that Mulcairs position on the environment is as hollow as Obama’s commitment to peace.

Oh and by the way , 30 Blue herons perished when they landed on one of these “ponds” used to store slurry up in that area, a beautiful bird and all too rare the oil company responsible claims it will have a “full investigation”. Yeah right.