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Canadian Company Threatens NAFTA Investor-State Challenge Over Washington State Legislation Against Fish Farms


Canadian Company Threatens NAFTA Investor-State Challenge Over Washington State Legislation Against Fish Farms

Brent Patterson

Washington is moving to ban fish farms in state waters, but the North American Free Trade Agreement could stand in its way.


The ISDS provision in NAFTA, CAFTA and the TPP is what makes all of them so hideous — giving greedy Multi-NaZional Korporations the legal right to challenge reasonable health and safety regulations of govern­ments if such laws impact profits.  There are probably some good features in these international trade agree­ments, but IMHO their Profits-Über-Alles ISDS provisions make them utterly unacceptable.

. . . such as Country of Origin (COO) labeling on foods, which – because of the threat of ISDS lawsuits by greedy food marketeers – IIRC is being quietly eliminated or at least minimized.  If greedy korporations get
their way, all truth-in-labeling laws will be eliminated.


The threat to all life on Mother Earth by the Corporate-Capitalist-Congressional Complex system is critical - the mechanisms they have put i place via the power and influence of wealth and corruption of representative government is a clear and present danger! All the “free-trade” deal scams are a threat!

Farmed fish - salmon, tilapia, all of them - are fed poison. Terrestrial factory-farm - pig, fowl, all of them - waste and feces, including all antibiotics and hormones - all the dangerous/deadly filth fed such operations to save a goddamn buck!

The contamination and killing of our pets - canine and feline children - from poison foods is another criminal reality. Dead and crippled feed-lot animals, euthanized dogs and cats with their flea collars and death chemicals, circus animals, rotten cancerous meats, etc, etc! See the expose “Foods Pets Die For” by Ann Martin!

“Euthanasia drug found in dog food, already blamed for one doggie death” news article from 5 days ago! Where do you think those death chemicals came from?!

China may be the worst offender that allows the poisoning of anything for profit! The "trade agreemwents are the mechanisms any filthy practice is allowed and protected! Fuck the WTO, NAFTA, TPP, ALL of them!


Looks like Canadian Prime Minister Treadeau adopted the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Obama playbook whereby selling out to corporations gets you a lifetime ticket on the $400k per day corporate speaking circuit gravy train.


These trade dispute mechanisms do not serve the Public any good in any way shape or form. There are absolutely a ceding of Government power, and by extension peoples power, to the Corporation and the Investor Class.

Any Political leader that supports the same is OWNED by the 1 percent.


Sorta like ‘Soylent Green’, but for four-legged critturs instead of two-legged.   I wonder how long it will be
’til the Koch Brothers establish ‘Soylent Brown’ dog food factories in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona . . .

Because I very sincerely believe that “Profanity is the desperate attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully”, it looks like I’ll have to admit to having a feeble mind, since I agree 110%* with the foregoing sentiment (emphasis mine).

* A mathematical & physical impossibility – like the oxymoron ‘sustainable growth’ – and thus further proof
of my mind’s feebility.


Atlantic salmon is genetically modified too???


With all of the information available and case studies on this practice, I’m at a loss as to how this was allowed in the first place. Even if you forced these corp. to feed organic, raising a species not indigenous to a given area is a ecological nightmare waiting to happen. Some escape captivity, they always do. As we all know you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Where I live, back in the 1990’s a fish farm (Tilapia), had a large escape (so we were told, I still wonder if they were dumped). At first we were told, don’t worry the winter temp’s would kill them off. It didn’t. I’m not sure the damage to the environment from these fish can be measured, but it is large.


Since NAFTA is now being renegotiated, it is essential to eliminate the ISDS (“I Sue Democratic States”) provision.