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Canadian Government Lambasted for Stifling Science and Dissent


Canadian Government Lambasted for Stifling Science and Dissent

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From muzzling watchdog groups to persecuting whistleblowers, from devaluing Indigenous voices to undermining labor unions, from defunding environmental charities to criminalizing peaceful protests, the Canadian government made civil society organizations "Public Enemy #1."


Heil Harper! He was learning from Bush, and apparently learned well.


Low voter turnout favors conservatives everywhere.


I understand Harper favors changing RCMP uniform shirts from red to brown.


It’s the dress uniforms that are red, but the meme is perfect, i’m stealing it immediately, i’ll just insert the word ‘dress’.


As the Rev. Billy might say, “Resist us, Oh Canada! Resist US!” (only much better of course.)


The disenfranchised would vote Democrat. Republicans spend Big Money to suppress the vote, being the only way they can win elections. The Republican’s system of legalized political bribery puts neoliberal Democrats in office which further alienates liberals and progressives into not voting or voting against Democrats.

Republicans are fond of saying “we are not a democracy, we are a Republic” (a dictatorship of capital). But because the most democratic countries have near 100% voter turnout, its a fact that high voter turnout can turn things around to the majority’s benefit.


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